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So maybe we can’t have it all. But with the various iPad covers and iPad cases that Levenger offers, you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to technology: both digital and paper.

The fact is, using paper with your iPad can make you more productive. (A little like how a pinch of salt brings out the sweetness.) iPad is social; paper is personal. Let your iPad take you out into the world. Then use pen and paper to tune in quietly to your thoughts.

And we don’t mean office-supply paper. Levenger notebook paper is extra-strong, rich and thick. It’s paper worthy of an iPad.

Here are three ways to get more from your iPad by pairing it with Levenger paper:

  1. The Circa iPad Foldover Notebook offers a removable iPad holder with bulldog-strength Velcro on the left side of the notebook. On the right is the authentic Levenger Circa note paper, which moves on and off the discs as smoothly as a finger tap on your iPad screen.
  2. The Freeleaf iPad Zip Foliogives you the same dual-technology convenience of iPad-plus-Levenger-paper, this time in a handy junior size and with our traditional notepad.
  3. The Circa iPad Folio offers a tuckaway pocket for your iPad, along with the authentic Levenger Circa note paper. This pocket welcomes other tablets and e-readers as well, including the Nook and Kindle.

All three of these iPad cases are in rich full-grain leather.

And for those who are fans of Moleskine, Levenger offers the Moleskine Digital Folio for iPad, a marriage of two icons. Maybe you can have it all, after all.

Mim Harrison

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