Product Spotlight: Work & Play iPad® Folio

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Work & Play iPad Folio

Work & Play iPad Folio

Though digital technology is more and more prevalent in our lives, most of us still have need of paper and pen, which creates an exciting opportunity for new product development at Levenger. In fact, digital products represent the fastest-growing category in Levenger’s arsenal of organizing solutions. Though Levenger does offer a number of holders and cases for today’s tablets and phones, you can find that type of product other places, too. But Levenger is creating a niche of its own with a unique new line of products that integrate the best of both digital and traditional technologies. At Levenger you can outfit your digital life, while at the same time integrating the physical experience of pen and paper.

The Work & Play iPad Folio is one such product that combines the traditional technology of paper and pen with the digital benefits of the tablet computer. The Work & Play is a fully functional leather case and stand that adjusts to the ideal angle for viewing or typing—just flip the cover up and over. Your device is protected in a magnetically secured leather holder that lifts out when you want to take a photo. But that’s not all: This sleek folio does double-duty as a traditional portfolio, housing one of Levenger’s archival-quality Freeleaf notepads and a loop to hold a favorite pen. (Incidentally, Levenger now offers a pen that includes a stylus tip, the popular L-Tech Plus. ) As with almost all of Levenger’s business portfolios, you can insert the notepad from either end, depending on whether you’re a right- or left-hander. The Work & Play combines the best of both iPad stand and holder and writing folio, all in one sleek, space-saving design.

We surf and stream and browse, we videoconference and we type, but we still take notes by hand, too. Levenger is dedicated to bringing customers the best of both technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency. The Work & Play iPad Folio is just one example—you’ll find many more on

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