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How Levenger practices the art of conscious capitalism

Sales, margins and profits are crucial factors in a thriving business, but the growing trend of conscious business practices recognizes and acknowledges that the bottom line alone cannot be the only criterion for success. Today, flourishing companies are now becoming more sensitive to how their businesses can affect social change and leave the world a better place. Conscious capitalism promotes the idea that companies can continue to do good business while serving a greater good.

The long journey toward a more sustainable and humane business model begins with baby steps. Each company can choose its area of influence and begin to make small changes. At Levenger, we believe in the vital importance of reading and education, and have chosen to champion the cause of literacy around the world as a part of our growing Partnering For Good initiative.

Reading can provide a foundation for the development of imagination, critical thinking, social interaction and improved quality of life. Levenger is committed to contributing to organizations and programs that promote reading and literacy. The Levenger Foundation often makes direct cash gifts to such programs. But often our partnering comes in the form of new products produced in cooperation with institutions that receive a royalty on their sales.

One such product is the Kantha Book Pillow, crafted by women artisans in rural India employing the ancient technique of hand-carved woodblocks. This artisan group had all but vanished, but now is thriving thanks to projects like this one for Levenger. We partnered with a member organization of the Fair Trade Federation in commissioning these reading pillows, each handmade and hand-stitched piece bearing its own unique pattern. Levenger is also making a donation to a literacy group that reaches the rural communities of India. This is just one example of a growing list of products we create in partnership with libraries, museums and other organizations, paying them a portion of the proceeds.

Another way Levenger contributes to the world at large is through the natural longevity and sustainability of the products we sell. In a disposable, throw-away world, we still subscribe to the philosophy that products are meant to be used and enjoyed for years. Levenger is well known for its reputation of selling products with lasting, useful value—designed for longevity, made with integrity.

While making money is essential to sustain a business, it is not the only reason a business exists. Conscious businesses are now focusing on purposes beyond mere profit. Levenger is proud to be a part of this awakening movement in its own understated but deliberate and purposeful way.

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