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Combining the best of traditional and digital technologies

At Levenger, we love cutting-edge tech gear, but like many people these days, we aim to strike a balance between our active, questing, communicating selves and our mindful, reflective, soulful sides. Digital innovation is important, but so is the tried-and-true “heritage technology” of pen and paper. In fact, they serve different purposes—one does not necessarily replace the other.

“The advantage of our age is not merely new technology, but the productive cooperation of high technology with heritage tools, “ says Levenger CEO Steve Leveen. “Today’s professionals are learning to discern the strengths of both and use them appropriately. For paper and pens are technology, too, and the benefits they bring are all the more visible when used side by side with their digital descendants.”

Circa iPad Foldover

Circa iPad Foldover

Paper and pen differ from computer screens in key ways…they seem to use different parts of the brain. The digital mind is exploratory, extroverted, collaborative and communicative. The writing mind is more introspective, contemplative and private. We browse, we Tweet and post on Facebook; we comment on blogs and we write reviews, sharing our ideas and connecting with others through the World Wide Web. But when we put pen to paper, it’s a much more personal experience. We make lists, we reflect, we ruminate. We think on paper, and even reveal deep feelings and thoughts that we often never verbalize. No one might see our handwritten notes but ourselves.

Notabilia iPad Folio

Notabilia iPad Folio

Of course, we use both technologies in our daily lives, which is why Levenger is committed to developing a line of products that bring together the best of both paper and screen. Look in your average business professional’s briefcase or bag, and you’ll probably see both a tablet computer and a notebook or portfolio. Levenger’s New Digital Life products aim to do double-duty, housing both of the kinds of tablets you use. These are products that include either a notepad or notebook beside a holder for iPad or e-reader, allowing you to turn from one type of technology to the other with ease.

Popular New Digital Life products from Levenger include the Work & Play iPad Folio, the Circa iPad Foldover Notebook and the Notabilia Leather iPad Folio. We hope you’ll check out these ground-breaking products, designed for enhancing 21st-century productivity…embracing technologies both ancient and modern…and pursuits both inner- and outer-directed.

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