Steve’s Pick: The L-Tech stylus plus pen

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Hold the Future (and the Past) in Your Hand

Why bother using a stylus? Our fingers seem to work well enough on our iPads and phones. Once you try one, however, you may well become a convert.

I did.

L-Tech Plus Rollerball with Stylus

L-Tech Plus Rollerball with Stylus

It happened when our designers set out to test all the styli we could find. After we played with them and debated their feel and performance, we still weren’t satisfied that the stylus was out there. We decided we should make our own.

We made some fast prototypes, including mashups with existing Levenger pens.

That’s when the fun began.

Because the prototype that won our hearts—the one that nobody wanted to let go of—was the one made on the body of our popular L-tech rollerballs (“L” for technology, Levenger-style).

Paper & pixel: like peas and carrots

The L-techs, being made of solid brass, have the heft needed to make the best-performing stylus. And their machine-age look and feel are aesthetically suited to digital-age writing.

Moreover, combining the stylus tip with an ink pen feels right as rain—as natural as a pencil with an eraser on top. Such a hybrid tool fits the way so many of us work today.

One minute we’re surfing on our iPad, the next we’re writing on paper. One moment we’re taking paper notes at a seminar, the next we’re swiping the slider to unlock our phone. Turning the L-tech around in your hand, from pixel end to paper end, is as easy as flipping a tablet from landscape to portrait.

We loved it…but what would our customers think?

We introduced our L-tech stylus collection in December. And sold out in a week.

Different modes for different strokes

I’m in love with all three modes of these stylus pens, and use them for different purposes.

Around town, I carry the L-tech stylus ballpoint. It’s svelte and lightweight, and its smaller stylus is well suited to those

L-Tech Plus Twist Ballpoint with Stylus

L-Tech Plus Twist Ballpoint with Stylus

tiny keys on my iPhone. Then, with a one-handed twist, I can deploy the ballpoint and write happily away on paper, signing the check (without having to use the communal restaurant pen), jotting quick notes on a 3 x 5 card. Fast, friendly, smart, clean.

At a meeting or seminar, I prefer my L-tech stylus rollerball. I load it with our extra-fine refill in black ink so I can enjoy my neatest, most compact writing, draw arrows, sketch diagrams, and so on.

But my favorite, ironically (or maybe not), is our L-tech stylus fountain pen.

Hold this instrument in your hand and you hold a pinnacle of 19th-century design—the last mechanical reproduction of the feather. No one alive today knows first-hand how many careers and decades it took to perfect this marvel that feeds liquid ink at just the right speed to the graceful point of your pen.

L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus

L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus

I love the sound a fountain pen nib makes on paper…how the liquid ink glistens for a second before drying into the paper, like rain into parched earth…how the vertical lines are wide and the horizontal lines are thin, the unmistakable signature of a fountain pen.

It’s the fun of a stick-shift car, or riding a horse, or kneading bread in your own hands—it’s full-contact writing.

On the opposite end to the nib (which, by the way, is interchangeable) is the stylus (which, by the way, is replaceable). That’s why the stylus unscrews with such machine precision: just in case you wear yours thin with lots of swiping and tapping, you can quickly screw in a new tip. 

In this one lovable instrument you hold three centuries: the 19th-century fountain pen…the 20th-century machine-age, seven-faceted barrel with its anodized finish and smoothly knurled grip… and the 21st-century stylus.

Life is good when you can hold three centuries in your hand and enjoy them all. Plus, think of how freeing it will be to have that small rubber tip working for you as you type and tap:

-         fewer typos

-         cleaner screen

-         salvation for full-bodied fingers and fresh manicures

-         frost-free fingers, since you can leave your gloves on in chilly weather

But the most important reason to own an L-tech stylus may not be practicality at all.

Hold an L-tech stylus in your hand and you may feel again that wonderful sensation of how a fine tool can simply make you smile.


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