6 Workplace Archetypes

6 Workplace ArchetypesPersonality is the spice of group dynamics, especially in workplace situations. Do any of the following 6 personality types describe you? Hint: You may have characteristics of more than just one of our Workplace Archetypes.

1. The Expert
You’re the go-to guy or gal for in-depth information on your area of concentration. People depend upon and trust you to provide accurate data. In meetings, when questions come up, your name is often invoked: “Let’s ask [your name]. He/she will know.” When you give a presentation, your Power Point is likely to be chock full of interesting statistics, graphs and charts.
Pros: Knowledgeable, well-informed, can be depended upon for statistical accuracy
Cons: Know-it-all tendencies, sometimes considered dull, didactic or pedantic

2. The Entertainer
You know how to work a room and tend to start off most presentations and meetings with a little joke to lighten the mood, or a story to get your audience focused. You have that magic ability to get others to whistle while they work, no matter how mundane the task at hand.
Pros: Great sense of humor, a spellbinding speaker or storyteller, never commits the cardinal sin of being boring
Cons: Sometimes superficial, often can’t be bothered with the details, not always taken seriously by others

3. The Charmer
You believe frequent eye contact, being a good listener and nonverbal communication speak louder than words. You’re full of insight and are exceptionally persuasive. You do equally well interacting with the higher-ups as you do with any other level of the workplace hierarchy. Your ability to focus energy on others and make them feel important is almost hypnotic.
Pros: Power of persuasion, feel-good energy, confidence and poise, a master of one-on-one interaction
Cons: Sometimes too intense, often written off as a flatterer or apple-polisher

4. The Cheerleader
You’re a spirited supporter of your team, your company and your industry. Passion and enthusiasm are you watchwords. You believe that all new ideas are valid and should be fully heard—talent and enthusiasm must be nurtured.
Pros: Enthusiastic, supportive, helpful, lends energy to team enterprises
Cons: Indiscriminate, tends to be a follower or bandwagon jumper, can come off as phony or insincere

5. The Voice of Reason
You are the great equalizer and balancer, avoiding extremes and finding comfortable middle ground. When making a major decision, you tend to make lists of pros and cons and consult others for their opinions before coming to a conclusion. The arts of diplomacy, negotiation and compromise are second nature to you.
Pros: Analytical, methodical, organized, can make judgments without drama or emotion
Cons: Sometimes robotic, dispassionate, tends to think inside the box and do things by the book

 6. The Iconoclast
You’re a natural born leader. You’re the risk-taker, most likely to “go rogue” and make decisions without consulting the group. Success or failure matters less to you than action, but your willingness to go out on a limb makes you a trailblazer and visionary. If you are working under someone else’s supervision, you tend to ask for forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to acting on your ideas.
Pros: Proactive, energetic, someone who knows how to get things done
Cons: Not a team player, not willing to listen to alternate viewpoints, doesn’t follow directions

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  1. Alejandro says:

    It was really interesting. I’m probably a mixture of more than 3 but Iconoclast is the one I can relate for sure. Thank you!

  2. Chris says:

    Fun article! I think I’m an Entertainer/Cheerleader hybrid….

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