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Traveling for work doesn’t have to be a grind when you’re well organized—in fact, it can (and should) be fun. Make business travel more pleasurable by keeping the following tips and suggestions in mind. Bon voyage!

Passport Jacket

Passport Jacket

Organize your paperwork. Planning ahead paves your way to a more pleasant journey. Map out your itinerary, and organize your tickets, confirmations, directions and other travel documents in a folder, keeping the papers in chronological order of your travels. Travel cases and document holders can help you keep everything in proper order.

Bring cash on travel day. It’s always a good idea to keep a little cash–$100 or less–when traveling. If you’re going overseas, you might want to visit your bank before traveling and avoid the busy (or sometimes un-manned) foreign currency exchanges in airports. A divided travel wallet can help keep currencies separate.

Travel light.Professional travelers save the time of checking luggage and baggage claim by carrying a bag that can fit in the overhead bin, or be stowed in front of them on the aircraft, and keep a smaller briefcase or portfolio inside the larger bag for business meetings.

Wear layers.  Bring a scarf, jacket, sweater, hat and  gloves that you can easily put on or remove to keep yourself comfortable in varying temperatures. Check the weather for the location and time of year.

Remember chargers and adaptors. A dead cell phone or a hairdryer you can’t use can leave you less than calm, cool and collected on meeting day. Many phone and electronics cases offer extra space for these necessary gadgets.

Have plenty of business cards on hand. You’ll make a favorable impression when networking if you dispense them from a simple monogrammed card wallet.

Card Wallet

Card Wallet

Bring pen and paper. As we all know, cell phone service and Wi-Fi are not 100% reliable at all times. Keep a pen and jotter handy to capture quick notes, phone numbers, directions, etc.

Bring a good book. If you can engross yourself in a real page turner, unanticipated delays are a bit less stressful. Today, seasoned travelers carry entire libraries and film collections in their tablets or e-readers–all in one slim case that slips into a shoulder bag.

Plan something fun. Many business travelers complain that they never get to see the city they’re visiting because they’re “too busy.” With just a little advance planning, you can enjoy a museum tour, a meal at an iconic restaurant, even a matinee or evening performance on your off hours. Often, just planning ahead can make the difference and allow you to enrich your experience and make business travel exciting and fun.


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