Product Spotlight: Shirt Pocket Briefcase®

Shirt Pocket Briefcase

Shirt Pocket Briefcase

Many of us need to take notes on the run—during lunch, at impromptu meetings or while traveling. Smartphones and tablets are helpful for capturing information, but sometimes jotting by hand is just quicker and easier. Enter the pocket tool for note-takers. The super-slim Shirt Pocket Briefcase, available only from Levenger, could become indispensable to your daily arsenal of organizing gear. This handy leather tool allows you to keep note cards within easy reach for writing reminders, notes and ideas.

A Levenger customer from New York finds the Shirt Pocket Briefcase “easy for notes, lists, phone numbers, etc. It fits well in a shirt pocket, or inside my suit coat pocket…I carry it not just when at work, but also at home, on weekends and traveling…I never am without it.”

“Jotting down notes on 3 x 5 cards still works better than anything technology can come up with,” concurs one Pocket Briefcase user from Virginia.

The Shirt Pocket Briefcase boasts a simple and sleek design, with a writing surface plus two pockets for 3 x 5 note cards, so you can keep blank cards separate from completed cards.

The timeless technology of the handwritten note will never go out of style. Balance your digital devices with the direct, productive pleasure of writing by hand on note cards cradled by a beautiful full-grain leather holder that can bear your monogram or company logo.

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  1. Eugene Story says:

    April 6, 2013

    Steve Leveen:
    I am an avid user of both your shirt pocket briefcase and the 3 x 5 card briefcase. I am a retired naval architect and now promote the new electric boat technology as well as chairman of a 501 c 3 technology organization (see: I am 85 years old and suffer from the normal aging process of forgetting the many tasks I have to accomplish each day as well as the name of things. I would be lost without my macbook, iPad, and iPhone.

    But when meeting people I need my shirt pocket briefcase to have a reminder written down and to take notes before forgetting. I also use the 3×5 cards to record project and task information that I need at my fingertips when meeting people when it is not practical to access my iPhone or iPad. It is also a great way to organize tasks in groups a great boost to organizing the old mind.

    What is missing is an easy way to print out a card from my macbook or iPad to carry in my 3×5 briefcase. The printer and word/pages programs and printers are too cumbersome. I suggest you promote an AP that would do this on the PC and MAC, format for 3×5 cards as well as file the cards in the computer or ipad. In addition a small portable printer running on batteries could print out the needed card before a meeting.

    I think this would be a boon to old guys like myself to keep functioning. I am an entrepreneur that ran my own marine information technology business for many years and still want to keep going. I have more new ideas but need help on remembering the details. Your small wallets are an integral part including the racks to keep them in front of me.

    Gene Story
    Portland, Maine

    • Mr. Story, here is a reply for you from Steve:

      Dear Gene,

      What a fine story you write. Thank you for providing another inspiring illustration of how to boost your productivity by finding your own balance between technologies—digital and heritage. To me it’s like a fine wooden deck on a rugged steel hull—the best of both.
      Our product development team will see your suggestions for ways to make it easier for customers to make their own 3×5 cards. Bravo!
      And I wish you smooth sailing on your continuing voyage.

      With gratitude,

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