Executive Super Powers: 5 Ways to Be a Better Manager

Striving for accomplishment and success in the group dynamic of the workplace requires strong, smart leadership. The following commonsense ideas can help make a good manager into a great one. Here are five simple things supervisors can do to increase their effectiveness:

1. Share your vision. An inspired staff, guided by a leader who charts a course and sets a direction, can be an unstoppable force. When everyone on a team shares the same goals and vision, and understands how their role contributes to the success of an endeavor, the focused energy that results increases productivity dramatically.  Communicate your plans and strategies with enthusiasm.

2. Listen. A savvy manager understands exactly what each staff member does, the challenges they face on a daily basis, and how each team member and task fits into the big picture of the organization’s goals. The only way a leader can achieve this knowledge is to listen carefully to staff members’ issues and concerns. As a result, the manager can work to solve problems and make improvements with greater efficacy.

3. Empower. Make sure your staff has the resources and information they need to do the job efficiently. Encourage them to make decisions on their own. Publicly recognize and promote the members of your team at every opportunity, and give credit where credit is due. You’ll build loyalty and trust that way, and your staff will work even more diligently to make you look good.

4. Prioritize. Juggling multiple projects and deadlines is a way of life in most companies these days, but the most effective managers are able to focus staff energy and resources on the tasks that have the greatest potential impact on the company’s growth. Which projects are crucial and urgent, and which require more development and focus at a later time? A talented leader knows.

5. Be accessible. Even though you are probably kept incommunicado by hours of high-level meetings, your direct reports need to be able to reach you. A do not disturb or ivory tower mentality is not an effective leadership strategy. Respond to e-mails and calls on a consistent basis. And even the busiest manager should establish regular “office hours” where the door is open. Despite the convenience of digital interfacing, the face-to-face conversation is still the most powerful means of communication.

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  1. Chris says:

    I’m lucky enough to have a boss with these superpowers! Makes work so much more inspiring and meaningful!

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