Product Spotlight: Work & Play iPad Mini® Folio

Work & Play iPad Mini Folio

Work & Play iPad Mini Folio

Digital life is real life. Sometimes you ’pad, sometimes you write. You stream and surf, too. The Work & Play iPad Mini Folio combines the best of two technologies we use every day…tablet computer and note paper.

Like the original version for the full-sized iPad, the Work & Play for the Mini is a triple-threat for tablet users. It’s a case that converts to a stand for streaming, surfing and typing on your iPad Mini. It has a detachable holder that allows you to take photographs or record video while continuing to protect your device. And it includes a junior-size notepad for jotting those important notes that you need to write by hand. (Of course, there’s a loop inside for your favorite pen and/or stylus.)

Both notepad and iPad Mini can be inserted from either end, making this the perfect folio for both right- or left-handers.

This compact case is designed for easy portability, and can slip unobtrusively into a bag or tote. For those who find themselves working remotely or on the road, it’s the equivalent of a mini office.

The Work & Play does more than just save space in a bag by bringing iPad and notepad together in one sleek case. It accommodates two distinctively different ways of working by combining traditional and digital technology. Use your iPad Mini for exploration and communication, and your notepad for contemplation and reflection. That’s the way to harness the best of both technologies.

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