Message from Steve Leveen: 100 signed copies of Steve Jobs’s biography by Walter Isaacson

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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

The death of Steve Jobs hit us hard at Levenger. Not only do we have more than our fair share of Apple groupies (including me), and loads of Apple equipment, but we sell lots of Levenger products designed to accommodate Apple gear. You’ll find iPhones, MacBooks and iPads all through the pages of our catalogs and website.

Even more, we consider ourselves innovators in product design, and for any company that holds innovation aloft, Steve Jobs and the company he founded, are role models.

So how to pay tribute?

Our editor of Levenger Press, Mim Harrison, had an idea.

By way of background, what you probably don’t know about Mim is that in addition to being our founding editor, an author of her own pantheon of word books and a dachshund lover, she is probably the best introducer who ever walked the planet. That is, she introduces authors.

She’s introduced many at the nation’s biggest book festival, the Miami Book Fair, and at other venues. Mim does such a good job that the authors who are fortunate enough to get introduced by her—even famous ones—frequently become rather stunned and even momentarily speechless, which can be awkward just as they are taking the podium to speak. Several have asked her for the transcripts so they can send them to their mothers, and Mim graciously provides.

One such author to get the Mimster treatment was Walter Isaacson, when Mim introduced him for Books & Books  in Miami while he was on book tour with his last biography, Einstein.

Since we had just sold out of the 300 signed copies of David McCullough’s The Greater Journey, which Levenger sold in conjunction with his miniaturized typewriter, Mim thought about calling her contact at Simon & Schuster to see if we might be able to snare 100 signed copies of Walter’s Steve Jobs. So in between his interviews for 60 Minutes and myriad other media, Walter dropped by the S&S offices on 6th Avenue and wore his wrist out signing our books.

Mim holding her trophy

I took this snapshot of Mim holding her trophy

I took this snapshot of Mim holding her trophy. These signed, first edition, physical books will, in my estimation, become collector’s items of special value to lovers of creativity and innovation.

Please go ahead and download Walter’s biography onto your  iPhone and iPad (which would have pleased Steve Jobs), but buy the print version too.

Signed by Walter Isaacson

Signed by Walter Isaacson

From the hands of Walter Isaacson and the hands at Simon & Schuster, to the hands of Levenger staff members at our distribution center in Memphis, to your hands at home, this physical book deserves its place on your shelf. And someday, in the hands of someone you love.

Steve Leveen
Levenger CEO and Co-founder

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