Pocquettes: A pocketful of feel-good miracles

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Pocquettes Earbud Holder

Pocquettes iPod/Earbud Case

At Levenger, we’re as excited about 21st-century innovations and conveniences as the rest of the world, but we still believe in the power of the physical senses to enrich our lives in small but delightful ways. The portable computers we now carry almost everywhere are mindblowingly cool, their screens offering instant information at our fingertips…but still, our fingertips long for the sensory experience of soft leather, the feel of well-crafted goods that help remind us that we’re human. That’s how our Pocquettes Collection was conceived…blending the joys of today’s technology with sumptuous full-grain leather.

If you keep technology in your pocket—and these days, most of us do—useful Pocquettes products, swathed in soft, durable pebbled leather, protect your digital devices in luxurious style. This constantly expanding collection now includes leather cases for iPhone and other smartphones, for iPod and other MP3 players, and for e-reader and iPad.

It all started with the Pocquettes Earbud Holder. This innovative leather earbud organizer solves a vexing problem that often disrupts digital harmony as you prepare to chill out to your favorite music–hopelessly tangled cords. The unique bone shape of the Pocquettes Earbud Holder allows you to keep cords organized by winding them around the center and securing them with a snap. No more tangles. There’s also a Zipped Earbud Pouch for even more protection, and both items include a handy clasp to attach to a key chain.

The Earbud/iPod Case fits all current generations of iPhone, and keeps your device safe and dust-free inside, and includes an earbud organizer. Of course, this leather smartphone case is an ideal home for iPod or similar MP3 players, too.

Pocquettes™ iPad Case

Pocquettes™ iPad Case

The new Pocquettes leather iPad caseoffers an elegant, zip-secure pocket for your tablet computer and includes an earbud holder as well as a cleaning cloth to keep your screen pristine. You can carry it on its own or slip it easily into a bag or tote. There’s also a version for your e-reader: The Pocquettes E-Reader Case can accommodate Kindle, Nook and similarly-sized devices.

Dress your digital essentials in durable full-grain Levenger leather with Pocquettes, available exclusively from Levenger. Because Pocquettes are crafted in deliciously soft and tactile pebbled leather, our customers say they’re a joy to touch and to use—reminding us all of the value of a feel-good moment during the course of a busy day.




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