Game on! Find family games and educational toys right here at Levenger—and forgo the shopping stress

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Sure, you can go get malled in the stores, hunting for smart games and children’s toys. But why stress when you can find just the right assortment of family games, children’s games and educational toys at Levenger?

We’ve curated a selection for you, and tested these toys and games ourselves. Our staff members fall into every range of parenthood, from raising toddlers, tweens and teens to doting on grandchildren. They’ve tested all our games—as have many of their kids. So let us help you check off your list:

√  Classic wooden games for family night. We have beautiful wooden versions of dominoes and marble solitaire, plus three different versions of Sudoku.

√  Classic board games. Check out the Library Classics editions of Monopoly, Clue and Scrabble.

RC Snap Rover

RC Snap Rover

√  Science projects. Electronic Snap Circuits for little engineers come in four choices.

√  Children’s art supplies.  Have young artists draw, paint and chalk to their heart’s content. We offer both the  art supplies, such as Art Essentials, plus some charming children’s furniture such as the Chalk Table with benches.

Owl Organic Storage Caddy

Owl Organic Storage Caddy

√  Eco-friendly toy storage. The Zebra Organic Storage Bin, Alligator Wall Organizer and Owl Organic Storage Caddy are all made with recycled materials. And the storage caddy comes stocked with our own selection of activity sets.

√  Bilingual learning games.  How about some American-made alphabet blocks featuring the Hebrew, Greek and Chinese alphabets? Our very own Crossword Picante is an English-Spanish crosswords game.

Proust's Questionnaire Board Game

Proust's Questionnaire Board Game

√  Smart party games. Try Literary Charades, with famous books as clues, andOrijinz Quotations, with quotes by famous people. Proust’s Questionnaire Board Game is great to play with either good friends or new friends. We guarantee you’ll have each other laughing with your answers.

√  Woodcut puzzles. The perfect pastime for a cold winter’s night: our laser-cut, all-wood, American-made jigsaw puzzles, with images you’ll find only from Levenger. Check out this one from the Bodleian Library.

Need more? Browse through our full selection of educational toys and smart games. Just click on the TOYS button on  And enjoy some stressless shopping.


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