This year, put it in writing with a Levenger 2012 agenda

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Digital devices are valuable for helping busy people stay organized, but they can work even better in tandem with a paper-based agenda and planner system. That’s why so many successful people rely not only upon laptop, iPad or smartphone to organize their schedules, but on traditional paper and pen. A good agenda or daybook is an important tool in a productive person’s achievement arsenal. (Just ask our customers.)

2012 Circa Weekly Agenda

2012 Circa Weekly Agenda

Levenger customers give the Circa 2012 Agenda system high marks for its user-friendly layout, ample space for copious note-taking and Circa’s unique ability to remove, replace or transfer pages with ease. A customer from Seattle explains: “This is the perfect product, just the right amount of space to track appointments, and make a list of important reminders for each day. When open you can see your entire week AND the entire year in small monthly boxes at the bottom of each page.

“And the best part is that at the end of the day, I simply close it up and I am at peace!”

“I couldn’t live without it,” a customer from Dallas writes. “The extra pages for addresses, birthday, weather etc. are always an added bonus, and each year more seem to be included. Even with a BlackBerry and online calendars, I still prefer and depend upon my Levenger agenda!”

Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

The Circa 2012 Weekly Agenda Notebook is available in compact, junior and letter sizes, and fits beautifully, discs and all, into a leather Circa Jacket or Circa Zip Folio. Those who own a Circa Leather Foldover Notebook can add the 2012 agenda refills to stay up to date.

Prefer all your notes, appointments and contacts in one master notebook? The Circa system is ideal for that. Adding the Monthly Tabs & Pullout Calendar turns any Circa notebook into a 2012 agenda.

A helpful hint for those who wish to balance their digital and paper technologies—get yourself a Circa Punch so you can secure Outlook schedules, printouts and note pages of different sizes directly into your agenda.

Although Circa is the star of Levenger’s 2012 agenda collection, we offer a variety of other 2012 planner styles, including a perfect-bound 2012 pocket agenda, 2012 margin calendar and even a 2012 spiral pocket calendar.

Yes, we do have an agenda here at Levenger—to help you map out your strategies for success in 2012 with tools and gear that inspire productivity.


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