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Levenger calls it “pen outfitting”: literally, fitting the individual with his or own perfect pen style—encompassing a pen’s color, ink mode, and shape. Levenger’s own PenRefill.com is the quintessential Web site for ink of all kinds, whether your pen is from Levenger or from another brand.

Do you or your gift recipient love ballpoint pens? Ballpoints are preferred for left-handed writing (avoiding smudging while writing, thanks to instant laydown), writing on glossy surfaces like photo paper, and their longevity, all thanks to the oil-based ink type. Plus, the ink won’t dry out when left deployed.

How about a rollerball? Rollerball pens glide smoothly over the page and don’t skip like ballpoint ink, but they indeed must be capped to prevent drying out. The “threaded cap” refers to the twist-on method by which the cap fastens onto the pen.

And then there’s the proud pen purist’s favorite, the fountain pen. Once thought to be on its way to obsolescence, the fountain pen has had a revival—it’s still beloved by those who enjoy the process of maintaining a precision writing instrument, filling it with the bottled ink (or ink cartridge) of their choice, and creating an artistic form of penmanship that used to be commonplace. The fountain pen can make almost anyone’s handwriting look a bit like calligraphy. The abundance of ink colors available to the connoisseur of these pens is part of the fun and satisfaction, especially since the fountain pen can be filled with multiple bottled-ink colors at once for a specially mixed hue.

True Writer Classic Ballpoint Pen

True Writer Classic Ballpoint Pen

Whichever your preference of mode, your every thought will pour right onto the page with beautifully crafted pens from Levenger.  Levenger’s exclusive True Writer pens are a perennial customer favorite, with new designs and colors being introduced multiple times every year. Be sure to open every catalog or check the “What’s New” page on Levenger.com regularly, because there are continually other clever designs that don’t fit the True Writer shape per se, but do fit the Levenger brand—so they are grafted onto our assortment. Have a look at the rich colors of the Verona II, the Bambino ballpoint in gorgeous bamboo, the heavenly Galaxy Aurora, the kind-to-hands TruGrip, the sublime beauty of the Arrondissement, and the sharp-looking L-Tech (read: Levenger technology in pen design).

But we’re not so selfish that we think we’re the only game in town. Indeed, customers have come to trust Levenger to offer them a spectacular assortment so they need go nowhere else. Without further ado, have a glimpse of brilliant pens from Waterman, Parker, Sheaffer, Visconti, Pilot, Sailor, Pelikan, ACME, and Lamy—plus brands you may not have realized even made pens, such as Porsche and Waterford.

But let’s not ignore the writing instrument we all started with: the pencil. Levenger offers an excellent assortment of art pencils, drafting pencils, and mechanical pencils. If a pencil is in order, look no further than Levenger.

We can say all sorts of silly things about having the write pen for you, the write stuff, and the write gift…but suffice it to say that you’ll love Levenger’s writing instruments. Our promise is in writing.

—Heather Collins Grattan

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