Steve’s Top 10 Picks for Holiday Gifts

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Steve Leveen, CEO of LevengerLevenger CEO and co-founder Steve Leveen
shares some of his favorites for holiday giving.




Long Remembered: Lincoln and His Five Versions of the Gettysburg Address

Long Remembered: Lincoln and His Five Versions of the Gettysburg Address

1. Long Remembered: Lincoln and His Five Versions of the Gettysburg Address.

What an honor to give readers the inside story of an American masterpiece, thanks to our collaboration with the Library of Congress. It’s our way of conveying history, as David McCullough says, as interesting as it actually was. More inside scoop for you: our JFK book is the same size as Lincoln. Pair them and give the backstory of two of America’s most iconic speeches.



St. Tropez iPad Tote

St. Tropez iPad Tote

2. St. Tropez iPad Tote

In this era of high technology, we bring you the heritage technologies—paper, wood, and in this case, leather—that make tablets and other marvels ever more pleasurable to use. There’s lots of room in this leather bag to keep your iPad in its cover, plus pockets for chargers and earbuds.



Circa Mezzo Foldover Notebook

Circa Mezzo Foldover Notebook

3. Circa Mezzo Foldover Notebook

In the future, will paper notebooks be obsolete? As I learned reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, the easiest way to predict the future is to create it. So we are creating the future of notebooks by designing them to be more functional and beautiful than ever before. Give the joy of heritage technology from Levenger.



Levenger Staff iPad Tote

Levenger Staff iPad Tote

4.  Levenger Staff iPad Tote

Economical, yet the quality is still there. We wouldn’t offer it any other way.





Proust's Questionnaire Board Game

Proust’s Questionnaire Board Game

5. Proust’s Questionnaire Board Game

Speaking of staff, our resident game testers hooted and hollered so loudly the day they played Proust,  we knew we had a winner. Think you know your friends well? Maybe not—and you’ll get lots of laughs finding out. (No prior knowledge of Proust required, thank goodness for me.)



Cambridge 7" Tablet Case

Cambridge 7″ Tablet Case

6. Cambridge Tablet Case by Tusting

One glance and you just know this classic tobacco leather is going to gain character over the years. Tablets will come and go. This case will go on getting better. Beautifully made in England.




SoHo 10" Tech Protector

SoHo 10″ Tech Protector

7. SoHo Tech Protector

We may work in the cloud, but we still work on tablets and other gravity-grounded devices. This cushy microfiber saves your electronic cargo from hard knocks. A cool way to show you care.




Leather iPad Pillow

Leather iPad Pillow

8. Leather iPad Pillow

It’s the lap of leather luxury and right now, at a price as irresistible as this soft leather. Here’s how to curl up and read with your e-reader.




E.B. White Dog Pillow

E.B. White Dog Pillow

9. E. B. White Dog Pillow

It’s not just tablets that get pillow pampering at Levenger. This bolster pillow is for the humans, especially the breed that loves dogs. I smile every time I read this poochly poem that E.B. White wrote. Who knew that the beloved author of pigs, spiders and little mice also loved dogs?



Tusting English Messenger

Tusting English Messenger

10. Tusting Messenger Bag

British tradition at its best—a nubuck leather made for the ages, and made to hold up to the needs of the age. It’s as much briefbag as messenger, as much investment as purchase. Score major points in your gift giving with this one. And while there will always be an England, where this is made, there won’t always be a supply of this limited-edition bag.


True Writer® Fountain Pen, Kyoto

True Writer® Fountain Pen, Kyoto

10 + 1. True Writer Kyoto

How can it be a Levenger List without a fine pen? This is my favorite True Writer at the moment. What’s yours?




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