Winston Churchill’s racehorse is up at Levenger Downs!

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Churchill's Racehorse Bookend

Churchill’s Racehorse Bookend

Okay, “Levenger Downs” may be a stretch, but Winston Churchill’s racehorse Colonist II is, indeed, at Levenger. We commissioned the British sculptor Jon Bickley to create a miniature sculpture of Churchill’s racehorse, which we made into a bookend.

Jon’s sculpture is faithful down to the fencepost on which is propped the hat Churchill wore at the track, and that you see in the photograph of Churchill with Colonist II that’s featured on the bookend.

And since this is Winston Churchill, the base of the bookend features one of Churchill’s famously witty quotes. We had Churchill historian Richard Langworth vet the quote, so you’re assured these are words Churchill actually uttered.

Winston Churchill, The Happy Warrior

Winston Churchill, The Happy Warrior

You can see a pictorial rendering of Churchill as a young soldier, sitting astride a horse, in our exclusive Levenger Press book, The Happy Warrior. The book is a facsimile of England’s famous Eagle Comics strip from the 1950s, which presented a Churchill biography in comic book form. The Happy Warrior was a graphic novel ahead of its time.

And as unusual as this biography of Winston Churchill is, it’s also accurate. Once again, we asked Richard Langworth to put his expert Churchillian eye to each page, to ensure that it was.


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