iPad Must-Haves: Bridging traditional quality and contemporary conveniences

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Thai Pad™

Thai Pad™

An old Chinese proverb says, “To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art.” How do we do it? By keeping in step with the innovations of today, tomorrow and beyond, while honoring the traditions of quality, utility and workmanship that never go out of style. This holiday season, we’re delighted to offer a host of iPad products to house the single most life-changing digital innovation to date–the tablet computer.

It’s been one of the most exciting times in Levenger history, with the advent of new technologies for connecting the world and communicating instantly. Even though we believe that the tried-and-true technology of pen and paper will never completely disappear, our new digital conveniences are becoming more and more essential to daily living. So we had to adapt–and immediately saw an opportunity to provide customers with thoughtful solutions for storing, protecting and transporting their iPads, tablet computers and e-readers.

We started by letting our customers know which of our existing products can hold iPad and iPad 2, Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers and tablets. We even created a category called iPad-Friendly to make it easier for customers to find them. Then we set about the task of developing, designing and finding the most useful, well-made and efficient iPad holders, iPad stands, tablet cases and tech sleeves to serve the rapidly growing need.

English Leather iPad Sleeve in Blue

English Leather iPad Sleeve in Blue

Many will be giving or receiving the gift of an iPad or tablet during the holidays, and what better accompaniment than a useful gift from Levenger to enhance the convenience and enjoyment of their brand-new digital gear? Leather aficionados may fall in love with the English Leather iPad Sleeve, made in England by Tusting leather crafters and available in a variety of vivid colors. Or the Bomber Jacket iPad/Travel Pack in pebbled mocha leather with plaid twill lining, complete with adjustable strap to sling over your shoulder and go.

We predict our Thai Pad in 100% silk may be voted the ‘It Gift’ of the season by Levenger customers. This regally elegant iPad stand works on a desk, on your lap or on the floor, providing ergonomic support to wrists as you browse on your tablet or iPad. But in close competition for this honor are its new counterparts in full-grain leather, the Leather iPad Pillow for travelers and the larger deluxe Leather Cloud Pillow, which has pockets for eyeglasses, pens and cords.

Pocquettes™ iPad Case in Red

Pocquettes™ iPad Case in Red

iPad zip cases keep your tablet safe and secure, and our new Pocquettes iPad Case in pebbled, full-grain leather, is sure to be a popular choice. Then again, the new Gear-Pod iPad Case, with its strong woven exterior (in stunning platinum or basic black) and secure neoprene interior pockets, may be the right choice for those who require a little extra outer armor for their iPad.

We’re offering even more iPad products for our customers this season, from the Nantucket Collection which includes iPad holders in solid, eco-friendly bamboo, to innovations like the Flexstand, which allows you to customize the position of your iPad for maximum comfort, in either portrait or landscape orientation.

There’s even more to come as the holidays shift into high gear and 2012 dawns, so stay tuned. As technology evolves, so will we, our founders vow.

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