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Bungee Bookmarks

No other tool works as simply and efficiently as a Book Bungee. Use our ingenious Book Bungee bookmark to mark your page and protect your book. Mark the spot in your book so you can quickly get back to finding out how the book ends.

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Page Nibs™

Item: AB0290

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About Bungee Bookmarks

The use of a bungee is no longer just for jumping off bridges and securing items in the back of a truck. We have revolutionized the act of marking your page with a bungee bookmark. If you are tired of folded down pages and spending time reading and rereading text in an effort to pick up where you left off, try a bungee bookmark. It’s so easy to use. Just slide the bungee bookmark in between the pages you’d like to mark, and then snap the bungee straps around the closed covers of your book. On hard cover and paperback alike, a bungee bookmark not only marks your spot, but is a sound solution if you don’t want to mar your book with creases.

In addition, a bungee bookmark is fantastic for traveling because the bungee straps keep your book closed while it’s not in use so you never have to worry about your book opening and pages becoming tattered or dirty. Better than a boring scrap of paper, bungee bookmarks are available in many colors and may be purchased in sets so you can give one to every avid reader you know and still have a few left over for yourself.