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BedLounge® Pillow

Price: $154.00
Item: FA2975
BedLounge: Your personal recliner pillow
With a headrest and arms that adjust like a custom-built car seat, the BedLounge Pillow envelops you with all-around comfort for sitting on the floor or in bed — offering full, upper-body recliner support and stress relief for your back and shoulders.
  • Flex-Arm adjustable armrests can move outward or inward, and up or down
  • Facilitates proper posture as you read or watch TV
  • Headrest can be raised or lowered more than 12 inches, can move forward or backward 90 degrees, or can be removed altogether
  • Side pockets can hold remote, eyeglasses, book and journal
  • Slipcover zips off for washing
  • Cover can be tied together for more compact storage or for hanging the pillow on a wall
  • Made with hypoallergenic synthetic down, memory foam, and fleece fiberfill
  • Cotton slipcover in natural
  • 26W x 21 1/2D x 19 3/4H; 5.8 pounds
BedLounge Pillow 4.6 5 11 11
Quality item This is a great reading pillow. I found it to be what I expected, but did think that the small pillow on top would be more adjustable than it is. Overall, I am pleased with it. One suggestion: If it came with an attractive cover and could be flattened out to store under the bed it would be perfect. I am still trying to find a place to store it when not in use. January 29, 2015
Great item January 3, 2015
Shoulder Surgery i bought this to use after right shoulder. One is suppose to sleep in a lazy boy for 6 weeks but being right handed how does one use the lever getting in and out of the lazy boy without bothering other people for help. This lounger is working great sleeping in my own bed and would definitely recommend others to try it... June 6, 2014
Not that good I was very disappointed after I received this, after reading all the reviews, I found this not to be as advertised. When you lean back, and the picture even shows the back can lean back, it does not tell you or show you that the arms also come up, it's like leaning the entire pillow at an angle. The arms only move to the side a bit. Absolutely no lumbar support, the reason I bought it! It might be nice for some people just laying in bed with this propped up instead of pillows to watch TV or read, but no way can you comfortably fall asleep on it. The headrest is just a bendable stick stuck in a hole, sure it might be adjustable, but it does not stay that way. I was so disappointed, I sent it back. For that kind of money, it is NOT just like the top of a lounge chair. To lean back, remember the arms come up with it. The material is nice, but does not fold up flat for storage. May 15, 2014
Worth it I hemmed and hawed for at least four years before finally splurging on a Bed Lounger, and none of the pillow configurations I tried in all that time worked nearly as well as this does for sitting up comfortably without eventually slumping or shifting. The manual says it's built like furniture, and it really is -- you're essentially buying the upper half of a chair. The description may lead you to believe this is more high-tech than it is -- it's not nearly as fancy as a car seat or a recliner, but it is well made and very sturdy. I've not been able to move the arms up and down like I expected from the photos, which doesn't particularly bother me because I tend not to use the arms very much at all. When I want to recline I just lean the entire Bed Lounger back at an angle; the internal structure is firm enough to keep the back from dipping or curving. I also don't use the headrest. You can use it on the floor, but be aware that you'll need a wall or something behind you. It's not a free-standing kind of thing. Bottom line: It's expensive. There's no way around that. But it works, and I don't know where on earth you'd find something similar for less money. July 7, 2013
While in use! Very comfortable-love the firmness & sturdiness while still plush & comfy when in use. My only dislike: when not in use where to store. My other bed lounge is not as comfortable but folds down & slides under my bed - out of sight until I'm ready to use it again April 26, 2013
This is a great product This bed lounge is one of the most well thought out bed items I have ever used. It performs beyond anything I expected. I am glad I ordered it but am now totally spoiled! It is very comfortable and supports the back beautifully. December 30, 2012
It really works! My husband bought me this for my birthday. I love the fact that I don't have to keep adjusting pillows so that I can read, watch tv or do crosswords in bed and in comfort. I also use it if I want to stretch out on the couch to watch tv. It gives my back the needed support to be comfortable. It is firm and sturdy not like the ones that they advertise for college rooms that eventually slouch. Well worth every penny!! November 15, 2012
Great for reading in bed I purchased the Bedlounge Pillow because I like to read or work crossword puzzles as a way to wind down before going to sleep. This pillow helps be sit upright and take pressure off my hip. I no longer wind up slumping down into an uncomfortable position. I love the headrest adjustments. I wish I had purchased this pillow sooner! October 29, 2012
Very comfortable After growing weary of the mountains of throw pillows I had to use to find a comfortable reading position in bed, I decided to take a chance and order this BedLounge. I had previously tried one of those cheaper corderoy-covered reading pillows with arms that many of us had in college (we called them "husbands"), but it just didn't provide the head and neck support I wanted for sustained reading. Even though my husband thought I was nuts for splurging on this much more expensive BedLounge, even he admits that it is *the* most comfortable way to read (or watch TV) in bed. He's 6'1" and I'm 5'2", and both of us find that it gives fantastic support. In fact, because he steals it from me regularly, he is getting one of his very own for the holidays. My only wish is that Levenger would sell optional darker colors of the slipcover (browns, taupes, navy blues) so that it might blend better with bedroom furnishings and linens (and also hide the occasional drop of tea or coffee that spills on it). Overall, however, a great purchase and one I'd readily repeat. December 10, 2011
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