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Cambridge NotePhone Case 4 5 4 4
Buy this case! This handsome leather wallet is almost exactly what I've been looking for; it holds a full size True Writer fountain pen, 3x5 cards, and my iPhone 4S. When I upgrade to the iPhone 5 it will accommodate it as well. It is excellent quality construction and promises to provide years of use. I wish it were available in the Bomber Jacket line, as I have several Bomber Jacket products. Alas, the Bomber Jacket case omitted the pen holder. If newer versions will have the pen holder, then some lucky chum will inherit this wonderful case as I'll purchase the new one. Well done, Levenger, on this one and please keep me posted when you have a smart Bomber Jacket case for my iPad Mini! March 4, 2013
G3 case vs G5 case I purchased the G3 case a few years back and was tremendously pleased with it; didn't want to give it up!!! But my new G5 would not fit the old case. So, I came to Levenger to purchase a new one for the G5, but the new ones are nothing like the old ones; one has to pull the phone out to access it, and it's not nearly as ergonomic or functional as was the former model. I am quite disappointed and now will go shopping elsewhere for something else that approximates the old model. Perhaps Griffin... January 19, 2013
Disappointing product I got this as a gift for Christmas 2011, but did not receive it until early March 2012. No real reason for the delay in my opinion, but a call to customer service didn't really resolve the issue. Anyway, rather disappointed with the product, as the zipper is stitched in a bit crooked and the two sections don't really align properly (crooked) when zipped closed. Also, the monogram is a bit crooked too, so that's also a disappointment. And sad to see that there is not more room for a credit card/drivers license or some other cards, just one stash pocket behind the note cards. As to the note cards, it comes with a set of Levenger cards, but it only will hold about half of them, as the stitching on the upper left corner is a bit too tight, so again, rather disappointing. And the zipper fob is too large and clunky as well, something smaller would be much classier! After a long, long wait to get this, I was overall disappointed with the product, and certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone, unless they dropped the price in half. March 3, 2012
Great pocket briefcase This new pocket briefcase is fantastic! Finally one with a zippered closure. Not only does it hold 3x5 cards, a pen and my phone, but also a few credit cards and a small moleskine notebook. My phone, which is very slim and smooth, is held securely by the sueded leather on the unlined pouch. I can even fit a true writer pen in the pocket, which I prefer over the zebra retractable pen it comes with. It is more cumbersome to remove the larger pen, however. Reversing the direction of the zipper would greatly improve the accessibility to the pen pocket and enable use of a larger pen. My only complaint is when the leather comes in contact with water, it lightens in color. I already have two spots on the case from water. Otherwise, it's a beautiful case and very well made. The zipper seems sturdy enough for years of frequent use. Thank you Levenger for yet another wonderful product! November 21, 2011
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