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Cloud Pillow 3.4 5 10 10
do not buy this product I bought this pillow for my husband to use with his iPad last Christmas. He tried it a few times and then the pillow sat in the closet for a few months. I have recently tried to use it--and now I see why it was in the closet being unused. The pillow offers very little support--it is flat and doesn't provide a good angle to prop up your iPad. I get better results from using a pillow on my bed to prop up my iPad. I have always been pleased with Levenger products, but was very surprised with the poor functionality of this product. It is also difficult to clean dog hair/lint--the cover is not removable and the pillow cannot be washed. I would NOT recommend that you buy it--especially at this price. August 15, 2012
Buyer beware... I have been using this item with both my kindle and, more recently, an ipad. It has always needed a fair amount of adjustment and, as one reviewer put it, "fluffing", but now it has completely flattened, to the point that no matter which way I bunch it up, it no longer forms anything approaching a vertical tilt. Yesterday, I saw what I thought was lint at one of the edges of the pillow; I took a look and found a small white foam pellet. Upon closer examination, I could see that the seams have been coming undone. Now I find that a replacement would be $49 (not counting shipping)! This pillow is nowhere near the quality that I would expect for that amount of money. Moreover, it is nowhere near the quality that I have come to expect from Levenger over the years. I give this item a 2-star "fair" rating for function because it sort of worked when it was new. Style is also fairly low -- it's just a rough denim blobby thing at this point -- but I would overlook that if it would only work to prop up my kindle if not my ipad. All in all I am a very disappointed customer. July 4, 2012
"the cloud is the best" Been looking for something to hold my iPad 2 in my lap without slipping off. The pillow does it all... You can mold the pillow to fit the iPad....up, down , sideways, you name it - the iPad stays put. I tried using my books with the cloud....great book holder - just an added plus. I like the first one so much I bought two additional clouds... Yes - that means 3. way you need or want to the iPad. December 23, 2011
Great, with some room for improvement I just received my Cloud Pillow and I really like it. I would like it even better if it had more stuffing though, my iPad sinks into the pillow after a very short time. The pictures give the impression that the pillow holds it's triangular shape, however, my pillow falls flat and i have to regularly "fluff" it during use. I would also have liked it to have a zipper to allow me to remove the stuffing for cleaning purposes (which would also allow me to add or remove stuffing to get the perfect fit). September 1, 2011
Very versatile. Can use many places and packs easily. Can compress somewhat and is very light. July 10, 2011
Great iPad Support! I got this for my husband. He was complaining about his iPad slipping off his lap. This support pillow easily solved the problem. My husband likes the support it gives. I find it unobtrusive in the room. It appears to be well-made. The fabric is an unpretentious denim and provides a good grip for the iPad surface. All-in-all a great problem-solver for less than forty dollars! July 2, 2011
Works for us It's not the fanciest looking pillow, but it's very functional. My husband has Parkinson's disease and can't hold on to his Kindle or iPad with his shaky hands. With this pillow, he can sit in his big chair and set the Kindle or iPad on his lap comfortably. It's been a life saver as far as we're concerned. April 7, 2011
It works well, not perfect, but works I do not think the fabric is as bad as others have said - I would like to be a little larger than what it is. But it props my ipad, book, etc. while I am sitting on the couch or in bed. March 14, 2011
Not a good purchase After waiting patiently for several months for this back-ordered item, I was very disappointed with it. The fabric is a very cheap, course denim-cotton. The pillow does not do a good job of stabilizing my e-reader; if I shift at all, it slides from its position. I believe this product is very over-priced and does not do what it is advertised to do. I recommend purchasing an alternate product. January 31, 2011
Good in Theory This product is definitely good in theory, but not-so-good in practice. When I received it, it appeared to be exactly the same as in the picture, but the picture can't tell you everything. First, the material was a stiff, itchy cotton-canvas-- not soft as described. It feels cheap, which I didn't expect for $39 and for Levenger's otherwise impeccable reputation. I could live with all that, but I really dislike the method for holding up my iPad-- it's a ribbed edge to the shape of the pillow that is not adequate for holding up the device. If I moved the slightest bit, my iPad would slide off. I plan to return it and purchase a different, similar product. January 29, 2011
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