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FAF Deskside Pad 5 5 3 3
As a gift... Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for a great alternative to the Father-in-Law's ripped up paper and carpenter pencils. As big fan of Levenger i knew that the answer to my Mother-in-Law's frustration with "little scraps" of paper all over the kitchen counter.was right there in the catalog. Although I really wanted the FAF Desk Pad for myself I had to take the highroad...and it was still fun to order. Needless to say, everyone was super impressed with the quality and design, and we now have full satisfaction with quality notes and a stationary "statement" for the kitchen. Thank you Levenger for sourcing such fine products that save the day. July 6, 2013
FAF DESKSIDE PAD This pad is truly a work of art and inspiration from design to quality. I stand speechless trying to describe my feelings toward this pad and the many products I have purchased through the past three months. With the help of your innovative designs and high quality products, my life is finally back on track. As a pharmacist, my circa book has 12 beautiful sections, crossed referenced, annotated that makes me want to cry. Thank you May 19, 2013
Simple Desktop Elegance for Note-taking The Exacompta Bloc FAF through Levenger is an exceptionally well-made accessory that will mark any desktop with elegance demonstrated by simple function and an unimposing design as a note-pad. Though the catalog states the FAF stands for "Fabrique en France," made in France, in this case FAF is abbreviation for "feuille à feuille," meaning sheets of paper. Simple enough. I do not know if this item was produced by the "workshop Eiffel set up" (he set up so many) is true or not, nor does it matter. It is beautifully made in bronze and aluminum, has two thumb screws securing the pre-punched paper in place. The five felt foot-pads (?) hold this unit in place enough it will not move in either normal or frenzied notetaking. This notepad begs to be matched up with something equally engineered, like the metallic L-Tech series and the Palomino Blackwing pencils. It does not welcome plastic or composite writing tools but metal or wood, in my uneducated yet oftimes too ambitious opinion. I haven't had this for 24 hours yet family and confreres have been fast-pitching hints they would be thrilled should one show up as a Hanukkah gift or should Santa gladly exchanged those home-made ole-fashioned Christmas cookies for one in their mantle-hanging stocking. A Beautiful item. Have a great Yule 2012 season. DonL December 5, 2012
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