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Print Pyramid Pillow 4.4 5 12 12
Very useful I use this product daily and enjoy the fact that it holds every close at hand while reading. Pockets for my phone, 3x5 cards, pen and pencil, cleaning wipes for my e-reader, reading glasses and smart phone. Highly functional and practical style for those who like to keep useful items organized in one place. January 4, 2014
Perfect for the 8.9" B&N Nook! To be honest, this pillow was smaller than I anticipated. However, it works perfectly! My thumbs have been in a constant state of pain from holding up my Nook all the time. My mom bought a Nook and I wanted to get her something so her thumbs wouldn't hurt. When this came in, I "tested" it for her and loved it. While the size was not what I expected, it is better as it is not big or bulky in any way. Meaning it will be perfectly acceptable to leave on a chair or couch as you would any decrative pillow. The amount of stuffing is the perfect amount for that "just right" angle. I'm so excited for my mom to open this at Christmas! Now I need to order one for me! December 8, 2013
The perfect pillow for iPads I bought the black/grey pyramid pillow and am truly delighted with it. The amount of fill cradles the iPad so it doesn't slip or tip and still allows items to be placed in the pockets. I have used it continually since receiving it last week and just ordered three more to give as Christmas gifts. November 25, 2013
Love this caddy! I use this pillow everyday for both my ipad and kindle. The pockets are so convenient. I never have to look for my glasses or pen. It is light weight and easy to carry. I do agree that it could use a little more stuffing, but overall it was a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone. November 23, 2013
Light and Sweet The Print Pyramid Pillow is a great asset for my lap. Whereas I do not use tablets or iPads, the pillow holds my books at just the right reading-angle, and frees my hands of having to support my book. The pockets hold my pens, highlighters and phone withing comfortable reach, The pillow could stand a bit more-stuffing. I am very glad to have this addition to my reading hours! November 17, 2013
Disappointed Purchased this item as a gift for my mother; and wrapped it in the shipping box without opening. I was exceptionally disappointed to see the item when it appeared from the box. From the description in the "on-sale" advertisement I received in email, and from the illustration, I was expecting a solidly-built pillow that was capable of supporting an iPad-style tablet, book, or similarly weighted object. What emerged was a exceptionally shabby, poorly constructed, and minimally-filled, item that barely supported its own shape. The top third of the pyramid either flopped over or collapsed down into the rest of the pillow. It was incapable of even supporting an empty, aluminum clipboard (8x11, weight about 6 ounces). I have been a Levenger's customer for many years, and have come to expect - and have received - high-quality merchandise. This particular item missed that standard by a wide margin. I can understand why it was on sale. I tried to get it back, in order to return it, but mothers being what they are - lovingly unable to part with any gift from their children - I was unable to persuade her to give it up.. It is possible that I received a defective item, which sometimes happens, but I am unable to find out. I am hoping that this experience is a one-off occurrence. November 16, 2013
Just what I needed! I bought this pillow to save my neck and shoulder muscles while reading at the table. It is awesome! Lightweight, easy to move around, compact. It props up the newspaper, magazines and books at just the right angle. Love it! November 16, 2013
Handy & useful product I recently purchased a 10" tablet, however I soon noticed that my fingers were getting uncomfortable and in some cases numb from holding up it up on my lap. This pillow is lightweight and firm enough so that it never needs adjusting even when watching movies for hours. It has handy pockets for a stylus, glasses, cleaning cloth or anything other small items you might need to store and the covering is a good quality and pleasant to look at. I also purchased one for my daughter who likes to watch movies in bed. She loves it! November 16, 2013
So helpful! Really enjoy this product. Makes ipad use easier! November 16, 2013
Just the thing I was tempted by the look of this product and by the fact that it was on sale. Despite customer reviews that complained about the pillow not being firmly stuffed, I decided to buy it. I am very glad I did. The so-called lack of filling is actually a very clever design feature. Because the filling is not tight, it is possible to put all of my entertainment center remote controls in the pockets and still work on my iPad or read on my Kindle. The remotes are always nearby. Even before I put them in the pockets, the firm cloth let the pyramid shape show up well. The pillow is carefully constructed and attractive. I will probably buy another one for my family room. November 12, 2013
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