Work & Play iPad Mini® Folio, Blue
  • Work & Play iPad Mini® Folio, Blue
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Work & Play iPad Mini® Folio

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Item: AL12125
Our mighty popular Work & Play iPad Folio is now sized for the iPad Mini
With the growing popularity of our iPad Work & Play Folio, we knew it was time to shrink it down to (iPad) mini size. Just like its full-size sibling, the Mini version safely cradles your iPad Mini in a magnetically secured leather holder that lifts out or flips around to stand at an angle. Surf, stream, be social, snap photos--and know that our high-quality notepad is right there beside your tiny tablet, ready to capture your thoughts on rich ruled paper.
Now your iPad mini has twice the power
That’s because you’ve leveraged the power of your tiny tablet with our little notepad. When high tech meets paper tech, you’re at maximum power--at meetings, for research, when planning or just pondering. Why take advantage of just one technology when you can harness the power of two? When the social power of the iPad meets the contemplative power of good paper, you have the best of both.
View at a comfortable angle
Your iPad is safely, softly cradled in a magnetically secured leather holder. When you want to angle your iPad for viewing, simply open the folio, pull the cover up and over, and it will sit at a comfortable angle for reading or viewing. 
Film with your iPad Mini protected
If you want to take a photo or shoot a video, just remove the magnetic iPad holder from the folio and aim away. 
Use easily with either your right hand or left
Your Work & Play Mini Folio is also a Levenger ambi folio--ambi as in ambidextrous. It means you can insert the Levenger notepad from either end of the folio, so it works whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. You can also rotate the magnetic iPad holder for right or left hand usage.
Free notepad with your folio
When you purchase the Work & Play iPad Mini Folio, the Levenger notepad is part of the deal. The 50 sheets are made of high-quality, 90-gsm paper. We want you to have paper that’s worthy of your iPad--no matter what the size. 
  • Sized to perfectly fit the original iPad mini
  • Elastic strap keeps the folio securely closed and your iPad protected when not in use
  • Levenger junior notepad included, and refills readily available
  • Full-grain leather exterior
  • 6 1/4W x 1 1/8D x 8 1/4H
  • iPad Mini holder: 5 1/2W x 1/2D x 8 1/4H
Get big results from your iPad Mini with a Work & Play iPad Mini® Folio
Work Play iPad Mini Folio 4 5 22 22
Design flaws make this a disappointment I love the idea of having a pad bundled with my iPad Mini; it's so handy to be able to brainstorm when I am sitting on the couch surfing online. I really wanted to like this Levenger case but two design flaws make it a disappointment. The biggest one is that the leather holding the iPad in place isn't straight, so no matter what the screen always looks crooked and off-kilter. Second is that the pen holder is in the middle of the case, so if you try to slide a pen so the clip holds it, the pen ends up extending outside the case. Someone wasn't thinking on that one! My husband bought this for me as a present so I won't return it, but I don't feel it's worth the price, even on sale. September 19, 2014
Great concept, poor design Having purchase several Levenger products, I have always been very satisfied. This may be the exception. While it is well made, I stopped using it after a couple business trips. The iPad Mini case covers the edges of the screen, making it nearly impossible to touch screen icons in the corners of the iPad. I still use the notepad part of the folio, however have removed the magnetic iPad Mini holder, which defeats the purpose of having a two in one solution. The leather which covers the edges of the iPad are simply too large and cover critical parts of the screen, rendering it useless for touching any icons appearing in the corner of the iPad screen. August 20, 2014
Great Purchase This is a really fantastic folio and really appreciate having the notepad along side it. Quality is great, the only improvement I'd make is the capability to view the screen both horizontally and vertically when angled. July 23, 2014
Love it It protects as well as it looks. It is easy to put into a standing position and I love having pen and paper right there. July 10, 2014
Great Product I bought a cover from Apple and one from Franklin Covey and neither worked for me. I tried this Folio and I love it. I love having the paper along side of the IPad. I can quickly take notes and transfer to my IPad. The IPad removes easily for quick pictures or just to hold in your hand. I highly recommend this Folio. July 10, 2014
beautiful Bought this for a gift for my son's graduation and he loves it. The color is beautiful and the leather is top quality. June 19, 2014
One flaw I love this case. However, with that said there is one flaw. The magnet on the top corner of the folio is about 1/2 lower than the magnet on the case. Since they do not match up the hold in the case is not as tight as it should be. I'm always afraid of the case coming lose from the folio. On the next version you need to move the pen loop up a little so that a standard pen ( I use the L - Tech stealth) does not protrude out of the bottom of the case. June 5, 2014
Disappointed with product I purchased this for my husband as a Christmas gift and after trying it for 3 months, we just removed the iPad from the holder. The design is faulty in that it covers too much of the screen and you cannot navigate easily, so we returned to using an Otterbox. The rest of the folio is nice for having a writing pad and pen, but not in combination with the iPad. April 4, 2014
Sweet! This is a great tool. When I have my Mini at the office, it provides both a writing surface and the tablet in a single location. And the notepaper included? Makes me wonder why I buy paper anyplace else. March 1, 2014
Classy and Useful This folio combines the iPad mini with a notepad very nicely. The leather feels and looks great, and the cover feels substantial and sturdy. The iPad holder comes off with a slight pull so you can use it independently of the folio. The magnets hold it in place, but aren't strong enough to make it difficult to detach. The folding stand operation works well. I'm a fountain pen user, so having the notepad and pen holder is a real plus. Sometimes pen and paper just work best for certain things. Overall, it feels great, looks classy and perfect in the office or home. You can carry your iPad and a notepad in a convenient and reasonably compact holder, and it functions as a stand for work or play. Probably my only gripe is that the frame around the front of the iPad is a little too wide around the side edges of the screen. It does not block the screen at all, but because the leather is a little thick and comes so close to the edge of the screen, it can be difficult to hit some icons and text on the edge of the screen. That is an issue with a text app like Notes, when you want to put the insertion point at the left edge of the screen. It's hard to reach. February 8, 2014
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