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True Writer® Element Ballpoint Pen

Item: AP12718

Price: $79.00 Now $49.95

Crossbody Traveler

Item: AL13360

Price: $199.00 Now $149.95

Going Out Wristlet

Item: AL13355

Price: $139.00 Now $95.95

L-Tech 3.0 Fountain Pen

Item: AP12640

Price: $99.00 Now $49.95

True Writer® Element Fountain Pen (F, M, B)

Item: AP12710

Price: $99.00 Now $59.95

Cate Convertible Backpack

Item: AL13665

Price: $239.00 Now $165.95

Burnished Envelope Briefbag

Item: AL13715

Price: $399.00 Now $249.95

Commuter Laptop Messenger

Item: AM2460

Price: $149.00 Now $75.95

Circa Impressions Foldover Notebook

Item: ADS8950

Price: $39.95-$45.95

Circa smartPlanner 2017 Weekly Agenda Notebook

Item: ADS9100

Price: $12.95-$20.95

Circa smartPlanner 2017 Weekly Agenda Refill

Item: ADS9105

Price: $7.95-$12.95

Simple Structure Tape Dispenser

Item: AD7105

Price: $20.00 Now $15.95

Simple Structure Magazine File

Item: AD7565

Price: $34.00 Now $25.95

Tablet Soft Carrier

Item: AL13185

Price: $129.00 Now $85.95

Gemstone Checkbook Cover

Item: AL13840

Price: $69.00 Now $45.95

Gemstone Micro-Tech Manager

Item: AL13850

Price: $59.00 Now $39.95

Precious Metals Notebook Belts (set of 2)

Item: ADS9075

Price: $5.95-$7.95

Envelope Accordion Wallet

Item: AL13600

Price: $104.00 Now $49.95

Envelope Business Card Organizer

Item: AL13605

Price: $74.00 Now $45.95

Morgan Point of View Pen Case

Item: AD7540

Price: $149.00 Now $65.95

Envelope Essentials Carryall

Item: AL13615

Price: $74.00 Now $35.95

Bomber Jacket Keepsake Box

Item: AD7535

Price: $149.00 Now $89.95

Compact Laptop Backpack

Item: AL13030

Price: $229.00 Now $149.95

Airport Luggage Tag

Item: AL13345

Price: $29.00 Now $14.95

Stealth Briefbag

Item: AL13050

Price: $459.00 Now $299.95

Uptown Reversible Tote

Item: AL13490

Price: $299.00 Now $185.95

Traveler Duffel Bag

Item: AM2395

Price: $299.00 Now $149.95

Sydney Satchel 2.0

Item: AL13590

Price: $399.00 Now $249.95

Triple-Zip Briefbag

Item: AL13630

Price: $349.00 Now $179.95

Traveler Convertible Messenger-Backpack

Item: AM2390

Price: $199.00 Now $95.95

Splendor Encore Fountain Pen

Item: AP12730

Price: $89.00 Now $49.95

Circa Next Level Notebook JNR

Item: ADS8420

Price: $24.00 Now $19.95

Circa Sliver Inside Out Pastels Notebook

Item: ADS8945

Price: $29.95-$39.95

Your Bag, Your Way Tote

Item: AL13100

Price: $359.00 Now $219.95

Holding Dear: The Value of the Real

Item: RB1535

Price: $35.00 Now $16.95

Dickens's Personal Prompt Copy of David Copperfield

Item: RB1585

Price: $59.00 Now $24.95

Tusting Canvas Travel Brief

Item: AM2510

Price: $459.00 Now $349.95

Bomber Jacket Samsung Note®4 Case

Item: AD7475

Price: $49.00 Now $4.95

Morgan iPad® Case

Item: AD7365

Price: $59.00 Now $14.95

Morgan Samsung Note®4 Case

Item: AD7470

Price: $49.00 Now $4.95

Morgan Samsung Galaxy S®5 Case

Item: AD7405

Price: $39.00 Now $4.95

Morgan iPad Air® Case

Item: AD7355

Price: $59.00 Now $14.95

Stash Samsung Galaxy S®4 Case

Item: AD7385

Price: $19.00 Now $9.95

Circa Monthly Tabs & Pullout Calendar-Junior 2017

Item: ADS6835

Price: $19.00 Now $6.95

Circa 7-App Sampler

Item: CA2615

Price: $2.95-$3.95

Circa smartPlanner Travel Tamer, Letter

Item: ADS8555

Price: $8.00 Now $4.95

Pastels Circa Discs, 1 1/2" (set of 11)

Item: ADS8885

Price: $28.00 Now $14.95

Circa smartPlanner Travel Tamer, Junior

Item: ADS8215

Price: $6.00 Now $3.95

Circa Clincher Discs, 1 1/2 inch (Set of 11)

Item: ADS5075

Price: $19.99 Now $14.95

Circa smartPlanner Contacts (Set of 2)

Item: ADS8300

Price: $10.00 Now $4.95

Circa smartPlanner Scheduler (Set of 2), Junior

Item: ADS8275

Price: $10.00 Now $4.95

Nantucket Galaxy S®4 Case

Item: AD7295

Price: $39.00 Now $4.95

Bomber Jacket iPad® Case

Item: AD7370

Price: $59.00 Now $14.95

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