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Boucle iPad Pillow 3.4 5 9 9
iPad Pillow I use this with my Windows Surface. I used to put it on a pillow in my lap, but it slid around to much. The lip holds the Surface in place so I don't have to. January 29, 2015
Could Have Been a Lot Better The idea and overall design for this item is good, but the material used on the outside and the filling (especially) are well below what I expected. I still haven't figured out what it is filled with but it sounds like a bunch of plastic bags. I do us it but it could have been lot better. By the way, I did not get a microfiber cleaning cloth and in fact did not even know it had pockets. January 15, 2015
Works great to hold my son's Ipad on the floor I bought for the specific purpose of putting my special needs son's ipad on it so that it wouldn't slip off. I had read the reviews and the fact that it was soft and the ipad could set down in it sounded good. It seems to work much better than any of the harder (or sturdier) ipad holders, as it doesn't slid off as easily. One reviewer mentioned the plastic in the pockets at the back was noisy and that it true. Interesting lining. I could see how if you were reading in bed next to someone else and put something in there, they would be noisy, but for my purposes, this works great as an IPad Air holder for my son -- on the floor. January 15, 2015
Loved it! I read the reviews posted before purchasing and then ordered it. I just love it and carry it around with me. It is great when sitting in a chair to have on my lap and it is great for reading in bed (I do this every night). This is really a great product. Thank you! August 30, 2014
nice for the price ... i really did like this product. i like the material and the color. it holds my ipad very well when i am sitting in bed or in a chair. the filling was a bit looser than i had anticipated, but the product works very well. and the sale price was amazing thank you levenger! July 24, 2014
Not worth the money! I was disappointed at the lack of quality in this product. It did not have enough "filling" in it and the two stash pockets are lined with plastic that made noise whenever I touched the Boucle Pillow. I like to read in bed, but I stopped using the pillow after one day when my husband said , "Wow, that new pillow sure is loud". I agree! I wasted my money. July 24, 2014
handy item I already have a lapdesk, actually 3 similar ones from Levenger, which I use for reading books, and using my laptops. This smaller, more portable device is handy for use with my 10" Galaxy Tablet. I can sit in bed, on the couch, in my fav. rocking chair-anywhere and it is light and right there to support my tablet at just the right angle. AND it was nicely priced on sale as well. July 19, 2014
Great Find I like everything about this ipad stand. Light weight, storage for iphone or other items, navy blue is perfect for personal or professional use, holds ipad in place very well, perfect for home and travel. Great price on sale. March 7, 2014
not worth $10.00 much less $69 This pillow did not work proerly. The iPad slipped down and from side to side. The fabric was cheap and the filling wias sparse. I was very disappointed as I thought levenger would only carry quality items. I would not have paid even $10 for this item if I had handled it first. And after trying to use it, even at $10 I would ;have returned it. December 8, 2013
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