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Use a beautifully crafted inkwell and ink dip station to enjoy the rewards of writing with a fountain pen. Writing with a fountain pen or dip pen can be an extremely gratifying experience, especially for the pen enthusiast who loves to write by hand. A high-caliber fountain pen or dip pen empowers the user to write in bold thick strokes or create elegant cursive handwriting. For pen aficionados, choosing a suitable fountain pen or dip pen is only half the battle. It is also imperative to select an inkwell to hold the diverse array of brilliant colored ink. The inkwell is most commonly available in glass, porcelain, brass, pewter or silver. These eye-catching ink containers come with a lid to safely store ink without the risk of spillage, exposure, evaporation and contamination. Ink reservoirs do double duty as they could easily pass for a work of art with their attractive designs. In addition to selecting an appropriate inkwell, many fountain pen and dip pen devotees prefer to keep a supply of ink blotters on hand. These blotters are traditionally made from metal, wood, bone or plastic and used to absorb any excess ink. Browse our collection of inkwells and blotters, and choose the inkwell or blotter that enhance your writing experience.

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