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Keyboard Stands

Find a little more efficiency out of your living area with a table or stand from our unique collection. Whether you need an end table for the living room or a nightstand for the bedroom, we have a functional table for any room in your home.

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About Keyboard Stands

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an unfortunate reality that can be easily slowed or thwarted with the addition of a sharp and efficient keyboard stand from our online catalog. Use the gentle, sloping angle of the solid hardwood top on our keyboard stand to bring your keypad to a more comfortable and functional position beneath your fingertips. Crafted of selected domestic hardwoods and finished in your choice of natural wood stains, a keyboard stand from our selection will be stain resistant, durable for many dependable years, and find a smooth fit within any interior design you are cultivating.

Our fully adjustable keyboard stand will ergonomically rest upon any desk or tabletop and accommodate most any sized keyboard, giving you a flexibility to bring your work to the spot where it feels most natural. A perfect way to get a little more done every single time you sit down to work, a keyboard stand can help you increase your typing and turn-around speed for your projects that is admired by your peers, clients, and supervisors. Carpal tunnel syndrome may be a modern problem associated with excessive computer usage, but a Levenger keyboard stand gives you the smartest cure available to help prevent any symptoms from occurring.