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Leather Bound Writing Journals

Capture your ideas, thoughts, and images in a leather journal from Levenger. We have a great selection of desk and travel journals, pocket journals, five-year journals and more. Whether you use your writing journal while traveling or collecting your thoughts at the end of the day, a leather journal filled with your writing will last a lifetime.

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5-Year Journal

Item: ADS4665

Price: $35.00

Moleskine® Notebook, Large

Item: ADS5245

Price: $19.94

Ledgerdomain Journal

Item: ADS5550

Price: $45.00 Now $30.00

Executive Stanley Leather Journal

Item: ADS6105

Price: $79.00 Now $69.00

Moleskine® Pocket Notebook

Item: ADS5255

Price: $13.94

Moleskine® Reporter Notebook, Ruled

Item: ADS5385

Price: $13.94

Notabilia Notebooks (set of two)- Ruled

Item: ADS1880

Price: $29.00 Now $19.00

About Leather Bound Writing Journals

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior,” Christina Baldwin reminds us. How best to honor that voyage but to capture it in the attractive vessel of a leather bound writing journal? Evoking the beauty of a vanished world, a leather bound writing journal in your choice of sumptuous colors and myriad of sizes, conjures up images of the great writers seizing the moment of inspiration and turning conveniently to a journal to commit their profound thoughts and imaginative stories. You may not be Hemingway, but who’s to say what characters you’ll create and what stories you’ll tell in the pages of your leather bound writing journal?

These journals last a lifetime with beautiful interior paper and soft full-grain leather covers in colors to suit your personal taste. Bring a leather bound writing journal with you as you travel or to chronicle a special event or family story. A leather bound writing journal is an essential tool to those with a story to tell. A refined gift for a friend or colleague who is dear to you, a leather bound writing journal can be used for everything from penning the new Lincoln biography capturing your memories of a new grandchildren as a cherished gift when they are old enough to read. And in a business environment, nothing looks more professional than a leather bound writing journal to keep notes in meetings or from which to read. Hold one in your hand and the soft, full-grain leather will whisk you away on that journey to your interior.