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these fall off the shelves They are a wonderful idea, and sharp looking, but are way too shallow in depth and have NO sticky whatsoever to hold them to the shelves. They are easily knocked to the floor when one removes books from the bookshelf. The categories they come with are personal and do not reflect what I have in my huge research libarary, but I make my labels on a Borther P-topuch with 1/2 inch TZ label tape, peel the top half away to make the label stick on the metal, and they look great. Except when they fall off the shelf. Which unfortunately is often. I had bought them thinking there was some form of 'so slide' or sticky on the underside making them repositionable but more sturdy. I will try to removable glue dots that are normally used for scrap booking and see if that might make these more stable. Thanks. September 18, 2011
Sturdy but lacking... Three things could be improved: size, backing, and the price. What make this product really good is it's made from metal and that gives it a sturdy, heirloom like construction. However, the size would be better if it were deeper and slightly taller. At 1.5 inches deep, it barely sits on the shelf edge. Extending that depth out to a full three inches is better. Also, using that non-slip backing material that is found on metal bookends would do the trick. As for the other measurement, I want to have larger, easier-to-read labels. And at six for $30...why not make it ten, since they're so small. April 23, 2011
Library Holders Just what I have been looking for. My home library is extensive and I needed shelf lables. These are perfect. They are easy to read from a distance. I just use my lable maker to add catagories that aren't already included. November 18, 2009
Very, very nice - but... The shelf labels are great. I'd like them even more if the under-book support was slightly deeper. The template is an Acrobat document and cannot be edited. A text file version or RTF would make a really good product really great. I'd like to make and print my own labels. July 24, 2008
Highly useful labels I have a good sized home library, with a tall ceiling and a ladder. These fine, well-made labels help me find my books quickly, especially those that are shelved fairly high. I appreciate the level of organization that these labels provide. I have found nothing else similar at all. They do the job I want, they are easy to fill out, and they are pleasant looking, to boot. March 3, 2008
These are nice looking and helpful in organzing a large home/professional library. My only complaint is that the metal plates are too short for my bookshelves and come no where close to tucking under the books. They do set on the edge by themselves, as long as they are above "tail wagging" height. February 19, 2008
Good organizational tool These labels are attractive and are great for organizing a medium to large home library. My husband and I have are academics and we find them particularly useful for dividing our research books according to technical categories. The only drawbacks I have found are: 1. the included category names were not useful for me and I made my own (I printed out labels on paper to match my bookcases, which looks nicer than white) and 2. I do knock the holders off sometimes--I wish they extended a bit deeper onto the shelf. But those minor criticisms aside, I love my labels! November 30, 2007
Beware! Ultimate Organization When I first saw these in the catalog, I knew I had to have them. Now I own 3 sets for my burgeoning home library. A little OCD never hurt anyone and never looked so pristinely beautiful as this set of shelf label holders. Beware: you'll want more and more as you find shelves around your home that need a little sprucing up as well as family members who need reminding about where to return your treasures. Use them for cookbooks in the kitchen, DVDs in the living room, etc., but they will look at their elegant best in your home library. November 11, 2007
Great Little Gift I bought this for my son-in-law when his study/library was revamped and he just loved them. October 17, 2007
An organizational great I love these holders and they look stunning in my home library. I wish you would print more labels like: Mysteries, Genealogy, Political Biography, Celebrity Biography, Royal Biography, Favorite Authors, Signed Editions, Modern Classics, Religion, Cookbooks etc. I felt the " books to give etc" labels were not very useful however as I would just remove the ones I don't want. Overall all they are a great asset to my library and I just love them. September 18, 2007
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