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Oasis Isometric Pads set of three 4.7 5 3 3
Versatile Pad When at my laptop, I'm always jotting down notes. For a while, the handiest way was a notepad under the keyboard (I use a separate keyboard while at my desk to increase my distance from the screen). The annoying thing was that I'm right-handed and the lines were horizontal, so I was either writing diagonally across the lines or straining my wrist to write straight. This pad, with its diagonal lines, solved that! I have also found that it encourages creative thinking - I'm a bit of a doodler, and I create all sorts of geometric shapes on this new 'blotter' (which, by the way fits much better under the keyboard than a standard pad). While I'm doing these little geometric doodles, I find myself deeper into the creative flow than usual. Might just be a personal quirk, but I know I'm definitely loving these pads, and my wrist is too! Now, when the half of the pad that's visible gets full, I turn the pad around so the half that was under the keyboard can now be used. Harvest any important jottings, like phone numbers, and start the fresh portion of the page. Extremely useful! December 27, 2007
OASIS ISOMETRIC PADS These pads are great for our brainstorming meetings!!! All of my co-workers are asking me for sheets and I just give them the website address!!! Thanks!!! November 29, 2007
Calligraphy and Quilting The design of these pages is perfect for my two hobbies of lettering, and designing quilt patterns. There's nothing else like them. My creativity goes wild yet stays to scale using these angled grids. I find them super helpful for calligraphy projects, and inventing/testing quilt patterns. September 6, 2007
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