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Refillable Address Books

Keep all of your important contacts in one handy location with an address book from Levenger. Organize all of those names, phone numbers, and addresses in one location. Add and remove names as easy as in a Rolodex with our flexible address books.

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About Refillable Address Books

We are a mobile society. We’re not quite Nomads, but we’re not too far from it either. Just check out the inside of your current address book and see how many of those names and numbers have changed in the past year. Well, here’s some good news if your contacts need some updating. A refillable address book from Levenger will keep you from navigating through the crossed out addresses and the new phone numbers written in the margins. The beauty of a refillable address book is that you can always pop an old address out and pop an updated one in without having to transcribe the entire thing into a new book. It’s so easy. We’ve even known customers to purchase a new refill every year and start January anew with current contact information on friends and family.

On the flip side, your contacts may be permanent residents but you’re bored with your current address book cover. The same idea applies. Just remove that cover and slide on a brand new look for your refillable address book and those same old addresses and numbers seem instantly revitalized. With so many choices of cover colors and designs, you may change your own zip code just to find a place as stylish as your new refillable address book.