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250 Personalized Wallet Cards - Vertical

Price: $30.00
Item: ADS60
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Get personalized Wallet Cards fast
Our personalized notecards provide an impressive, professional way to send a brief note or forward information to clients and colleagues. Our Online Customization Program makes the process easy and fast because you enter the information yourself and see a proof of your card right on your computer screen. Customize and place your order below.
  • 250 Wallet Cards in a vertical format
  • Grid pattern on one side, ruled on the other
  • Choose your personalization: Please fill in all fields; blank lines are not supported
  • Choose type style and color
  • Made from the highest grade of card stock
  • Cards arrive in a durable storage box
  • Made and printed in the USA
  • Sturdy 80-lb. card stock 2 x 3 1/2 (the size of a traditional business card)
CUSTOMIZE YOUR CARDS (Please enter your customization choices)
*Not an exact representation. Slight variations may occur and text may be adjusted slightly for best results.

Always gets compliments


I've been using Levenger wallet cards for many years. Just having my name and e-mail is very eye catching particularly with the grid below it (I do the vertical side for my info). People always comment on it. I love the simplicity and the practicality. They are good quality. My only slight complaints are that I preferred the old type face prior to their changing printers - but it's still good. I would also prefer it if they didn't have their e-mail and phone number printed in tiny light- grey type at the bottom right of the lined side (faint, yes, but still an ad). However, that's a tiny irritation. All and all I love these and will continue to use and purchase them.

Boulder, CO


Explanation of Ratings


Explanation of ratings: Function: 5 Stars. They do exactly what I want (Substitute for Business Cards) Quality: 4 Stars. Good clean white card stock. Robust thickness but thinner than standard Business Card (a + for my needs). Grid is sharp and clean. Lines on reverse same. Personalized printing Laser Printer sharp. Blue ink choice weakens impact of header compared to sharp black of grid as does my choice of serif font. Font size for name line is at least one size too small. Using a bold non-serif font in black would help a great deal to balance the design. I'm sticking with my choices but a word to others in the matter. Value: 5 Stars. Levenger quality is very high, this product is just another example of that truth. The box is presentation quality. A fine gift for friends or business associates. The price of 30 bucks makes all the sense in the world. Requests: Up sizing font 1st line of personalization Gray ink for grid and lines Dots for both instead of solid lines A deep blue black ink for personalization I'll be back. I'm sending friends as well.



250 Personalized Wallet Cards Vertical

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