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Women's bags must be both stylish and functional, and Levenger offers a wide variety of expertly crafted options. Our large selection of women's tote bags, women's briefcases, women's organizer bags, handbags, travel bags and laptop bags makes Levenger a destination for women on the go.

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Madison Bucket Bag, Italian Leather

Item: AL14470

Price: $389.00

Charlotte Leather Tote

Item: AL14305

Price: $199.00

Charlotte Leather Tote & Pouch

Item: AL14325

Price: $239.00

Charlotte Canvas Tote & Pouch

Item: AM2945

Price: $109.00

Charlotte Nylon Tote & Pouch

Item: AM2950

Price: $149.00

Charlotte Nylon Tote

Item: AM2925

Price: $129.00

Charlotte Canvas Tote

Item: AM2930

Price: $89.00

Charlotte Nylon Pouch

Item: AM2935

Price: $45.00

Charlotte Canvas Pouch

Item: AM2940

Price: $39.00

Charlotte Leather Pouch

Item: AL14310

Price: $55.00

The Woods Tote and Pouch

Item: AM2955

Price: $69.00

Nancy Convertible Clutch - Caramel
Nancy Convertible Clutch

Item: AL14095

Price: $159.00

Nancy Shoulder Bag - Caramel
Nancy Shoulder Bag

Item: AL14260

Price: $159.00

Nancy Backpack - Caramel
Nancy Backpack

Item: AL14100

Price: $199.00

Blair Expandable Briefbag - Red
Blair Expandable Briefbag

Item: AL14020

Price: $359.00

Blair Briefbag - Grape
Blair Briefbag

Item: AL14025

Price: $259.00

Alexa Crossbody Traveler - Pine
Alexa Crossbody Traveler

Item: AL14110

Price: $229.00

Alexa Double-Zip Handbag - Pine
Alexa Double-Zip Handbag

Item: AL14105

Price: $209.00

Alexa Backpack - Pine
Alexa Backpack

Item: AL14115

Price: $275.00

St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag
St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag

Item: AL8790

Price: $199.00

Bloomsbury Bookbag, Purple
Bloomsbury Bookbag

Item: AM2370

Price: $79.00

Ivy Tote - Red
Ivy Tote

Item: AL14070

Price: $299.00

Felicity Foldable Backpack - Navy/Tan
Felicity Foldable Backpack

Item: AM2770

Price: $139.00

Felicity Foldable Tote - Navy/Tan
Felicity Foldable Tote

Item: AM2765

Price: $129.00

Kinzie Street Large Backpack - Gray
Kinzie Street Large Backpack

Item: AM2850

Price: $279.00

Madison Bucket Bag
Madison Bucket Bag

Item: AL13930

Price: $369.00

Kinzie Street Small Wide-Mouth Backpack - Gray
Kinzie Street Small Wide-Mouth Backpack

Item: AM2855

Price: $229.00

Sympatico Travel Tote - Onyx
Sympatico Travel Tote

Item: AM2725

Price: $199.00

Tusting Coco
Tusting Coco

Item: AL13895

Price: $309.00

Tusting Ashton
Tusting Ashton Tote

Item: AL13740

Price: $359.00

Tusting Cardington Handbag

Item: AL13745

Price: $269.00

Tusting Honeydon Pouch
Tusting Pouch (limited edition colors)

Item: AL13735

Price: $159.00

Kriss Kross Traveler - Auburn
Kriss Kross Traveler

Item: AL13660

Price: $189.00

Crossbody Traveler, Black
Crossbody Traveler

Item: AL13360

Price: $199.00

Tusting Kimbolton Tote BK
Tusting Kimbolton Tote (black or tobacco)

Item: AL13215

Price: $399.00

Boston Public Library Delivery Tote Bag
Boston Public Library Delivery Tote Bag

Item: ADS0565

Price: $45.00

St. Tropez Leather Pouch
St. Tropez Leather Pouch

Item: AL8795

Price: $49.00

Myth Crossover - Periscope
Myth Crossover

Item: AM2795

Price: $85.00

Perfection Tote - Periscope
Perfection Tote

Item: AM2800

Price: $110.00

Divine Backpack - Periscope
Divine Backpack

Item: AM2805

Price: $110.00

PurseN® Organizer
PurseN® Organizer

Item: AM1855

Price: $64.00

Marley Cross-Body Organizer
Marley Crossbody Organizer

Item: AL0280

Price: $159.00

Tusting Hide Cream
Tusting Hide Cream

Item: CA2670

Price: $11.00

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