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Handbags and Totes

Treat yourself to a leather tote or handbag that will hold everything you need. Our women's totes and bags combine style and comfort with versatility and function. Choose a tote from Levenger and enhance your personal sense of style.

About Handbags and Totes

Trust in Levenger for the widest online selection as well as the highest possible quality offered by our full lines of women’s handbags and totes. From a casual canvas duffel to a petit, but elegantly practical leather evening bag, the handbags and totes we deliver give you the choice to match whatever you have, with whatever you know or think you might need.

Choose from a variety of available textures and colors, letting your taste guide and dictate your decision. Success is always ripe with little details, and our handbags and totes offer you the ability to make your place for these everyday details something truly special and uniquely personal. Whatever your mood or intentions might become, you can find its pure indulgence or smart enabler within the handbags and totes offered by Levenger’s online catalog. Our handbags and totes will always echo our well-known attention to the smaller things needed to create something truly extraordinary-and when it comes to the handbags and totes you’ll inevitably use every day, don’t you feel worth it?