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Lady Briefcases

Shop our collection of women's briefcases filled with practical solutions for your everyday needs. We offer a variety of briefcase styles and colors. Stay organized while on the go with a briefcase designed for your busy schedule.

About Lady Briefcases

An old Chinese proverb reminds us, “A fair lady’s smile is worth more than a thousand ounces of gold.” But with a fine lady briefcase selected from the variety offered by Levenger’s online catalog, you can put a golden smile on any fair lady’s face for considerably less. Each one of Levenger’s fine quality lady briefcases will be crafted from soft, richly tooled domestic and Italian leathers and is available in a variety of sizes and styles to better match or complement your existing accessories.

From the boardroom to the family room, our lady briefcase makes every trip as comfortable and stylish as it is efficient. With spacious pockets that can zipper or snap safely shut with a quick flick of the fingers, your lady briefcase offers the safest and most attractive transport for your office’s most crucial or important files, folders, books and even sports plenty of dedicated room for your laptop and PDA. From holding all your pens and papers to anything else that will keep the office better organized and moving forward, a Levenger lady briefcase is ready and able to add the right blend of style and utility into your schedule. And if the old Chinese proverb is indeed correct, there is no way to become any richer than from the smiles she offers toward her dependable and beautiful Levenger lady briefcase.