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Highlighter Pens

Highlight notes, passages, and all those important quotes with a functional highlighter.

About Highlighter Pens

Every student or office employee anywhere knows the value of a good highlighter pen. A highlighter pen is absolutely essential for proper note taking, but the only problem is you’ll need to often put down your highlighter and pick up your pen or vice-versa, and you continue this process until you are wind milling your arms like a crazy person, notes, books, and pens flying everywhere. You can corral the cacophony and bring note-taking back into a calm perspective with the help of your Levenger highlighter pen, a perfect combination of pen and highlighter in one.

The Levenger highlighter pen is also a smart idea for editors, or other professionals who must often read and take notes at the same time. The highlighter pen has a ballpoint pen tucked inside of a bright yellow highlighter marker, and with just a quick turn of the barrel you can switch back and forth as quickly as the need arises. The Levenger highlighter pen is durable and can take the pounding of heavy use and the highlighter ink is water based so it will not smear or bleed the ink from the ballpoint. Never again will you find yourself juggling with two pens in one hand, because the highlighter pen from Levenger’s online catalog is two pens in one and will relieve you of your ambidextrous duties. Ready to keep pace with any lecture or fast talking executive in a meeting, the workaholic highlighter pen from Levenger’s online catalog doesn’t mind working overtime for you.