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Reading Magnifiers

A magnifier has been used for centuries for very good reason. A quality magnifier allows you to see small print when you otherwise just can't. We offer a selection of quality hand held pocket magnifiers and reading magnifiers that can be used at home or when you travel.

About Reading Magnifiers

A reading magnifier can help you to see what might otherwise hide between the lines of your favorite novel or within the documents of the paper trail marking your everyday professional routine. Ready to assist any reader to see more of every word and every page, your reading magnifier from Levenger’s online catalog can magnify the text of any book or document, and the variety offered by our online listings suggest that there are many different and applicable styles of reading magnifier from which to choose. Select your reading magnifier from a slim design made to be carried comfortably and discreetly in most any pocket, or look for a reading magnifier that is significantly larger, and more aptly suited for a reserved spot on a nightstand or as a trusted bookcase companion.

You can find a reading magnifier with an understated appearance and efficient character that is easily melded into any situation, or choose one that puts its most creative foot forward with every use. No matter which type of reading magnifier makes the most sense for your unique situation, you are sure to find the one that pleases all the senses while you shop through the listings of Levenger’s online catalog.