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Trendy Totes

Treat yourself to a leather tote or handbag that will hold everything you need. Our women's totes and bags combine style and comfort with versatility and function. Choose a tote from Levenger and enhance your personal sense of style.

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St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag
St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag

Item: AL8790

Price: $199.00

Boston Public Library Delivery Tote Bag
Boston Public Library Delivery Tote Bag

Item: ADS0565

Price: $45.00

Fortunata Tote
Fortunata Tote

Item: AL0870

Price: $299.00

About Trendy Totes

Trendy totes answer the rhetorical call-out for a new take on utilitarian style and function, and nowhere will you find more affordable and reliable trendy tote than in the listings of Levenger’s online catalog. Our trendy totes are only trendy because they continually answer your most basic questions in space and utility, and they still offer you a touch of personality to accent every occasion. Crafted of fine leathers, the best in worldwide cloths, and the latest synthetic materials being developed and approved for your enhanced traveling performance, your trendy totes provide a lasting and attractive companion for assisting or enabling your everyday routines.

Our bags offer you a versatility and wealth of options in how you want to best use it, for our trendy totes are always stylish and handsome enough to fit comfortably within most semi-formal settings, and yet will never appear as stodgy, old-fashioned, frivolous, or passé, no matter which crowd you aim to please. Levenger’s trendy totes earn their mantle by standing the test of time and providing reliable answers in durability, comfort and performance every step of the way. Let the wealth of our online listings help you quickly find the trendy totes that are best suited to both your function and your fashion, because with Levenger, you will never have to separate or decide between the two.