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Canvas Briefcases

A fine men's briefcase will make an impressive statement in all of your business meetings. Levenger offers a variety of briefcase styles with shoulder straps, pockets and more. Stay organized while on the go with a canvas briefcase designed for your busy schedule.

About Canvas Briefcases

Jawaharlal Nehru may have been reflecting on our canvas briefcase when he stated, “Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage.” For our canvas briefcase certainly does make the best possible advantage out of strong, lightweight canvas, ready in either vibrant or more neutral colors, this canvas briefcase will really give you options. The perfect professional accessory, our canvas briefcase is an ideal overnight bag or a comfortable way to carry your supplies on any business trip, or daily to and from the office. The spacious interior of the canvas briefcase offers reinforced buckles, and machine tested zippers and snaps to ensure a secure and dependable trip to any port for all your files, folders and manuscripts.

For personal use, nothing can help your weekend organization, athletic efforts, or developing interests like the efficient canvas briefcase, giving you an ideal spot for gym clothes, a couple books or even you lunch for a long afternoon spent away from it all. With the comfortable, lightweight canvas briefcase to organize and help you prioritize the smaller details of every coming afternoon, you may come to realize the simple, sagely truth supporting Jawaharlal Nehru’s wisdom.