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Levengers Furniture

Levenger offers a wide variety of quality furniture for your home or office. Shop our unique collection of home office furniture including file cabinets, floor and table globes and floor rugs. Work and rest in comfort with our lap desks and ottomans. From comfortable recliners, reading chairs, and ergonomic office chairs to bookcases, tables and stands and home office desks, you can find what you need to enhance your reading and working life.

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BedLounge® Pillow
BedLounge® Pillow

Item: FA2975

Price: $154.00

Euro Desk System
Euro Desk

Item: _Euro Desk

Price: Up to $319.00

Carousel Revolving Bookcase
Carousel Revolving Bookcase

Item: _FB0485_Carousel

Price: Up to $179.00

No Room for a Table Table™ With Drawers, Natural Cherry
No-Room-for-a-Table Table™ With Drawers

Item: FA2940

Price: $299.00

Levenger Lap Desk®
Levenger Lap Desk®

Item: FA3045

Price: $69.00

Levenger Lap Desk®
Levenger Lap Desk®

Item: FA3045

Price: $69.00

Absolute Reading Lamp, Table
Absolute Reading Table Lamp

Item: LD355

Price: $398.00

Cubi Desk Bookcase
Cubi Desk Bookcase

Item: AD6670

Price: $109.00

Barrister Bookcase and File Cabinet System
Barrister Bookcase and File Cabinet System

Item: _FB0485_Barrister

Price: $559.00

No-Room-for-a-Table™ Table
No-Room-for-a-Table™ Table

Item: FA4080

Price: $199.00

Holtkoetter Double Precision Swing-Arm Floor Lamp
Double Precision Swing-Arm Floor Lamp

Item: LF0535

Price: $998.00

Holtkoetter Absolute Swing-Arm Floor Lamp
Absolute Swing-Arm Floor Lamp

Item: LF0640

Price: $698.00

Holtkoetter Little Star Table Lamp
Little Star Table Lamp

Item: LT0785

Price: $398.00-$423.00

Holtkoetter Absolute Reading Floor Lamp
Absolute Reading Floor Lamp

Item: LF0610

Price: $498.00

Holtkoetter Chairside Cosmos Lamp
Chairside Cosmos Lamp

Item: LF0330

Price: $798.00

About Levengers Furniture

We at Levenger designed our versatile home and office furniture so that you can create the kind of room you want in the space that you have. Your Levengers furniture system can be a collection of individual pieces, including desks and bookcases, that fit together or stand alone, giving you the freedom to build on, rearrange and rethink your space. The soul of Levenger furniture is its versatility. Depending on how you stack and arrange the different pieces, they can be long units, tall units, cupboards with doors, collectibles cabinets with movable shelves, even room dividers. Most Levenger furniture is available in your choice of a dark or natural cherry finish. Want to curl up in a comfortable chair for a good, long read? Choose an upholstered chair or loveseat and you may never want to leave.

Constructed of a solid wood frame and legs, and covered in soft and durable cotton twill or full-grain leather, Levenger furniture reading chairs will surround you in comfort for years to come. Or, to create a more modern ambiance in an office, choose a desk chair with a lightweight die-cast aluminum frame, sturdy mesh seat cushion, self-adjusting recline, pneumatic gas height adjustment and a five-star caster base. We’ve used Levengers furniture in our own offices for years, and can vouch for its being of a construction that lasts. Our Room Design Kit lets you try before you buy and includes miniature replicas of some of our most popular Levenger furniture so you can see how the pieces will fit your unique space. Enjoy building the room or office of you dreams with our Levenger furniture.