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Keep the pages of your book open even if you don't have an extra hand. Whether you are referencing a textbook, cook book, or dictionary, the page will stay open with a quality book weight from Levenger.

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Page Nibs™
Page Nibs™

Item: AB0290

Price: $15.00

About Bookweights

Admit it; you’ve tried the tape dispenser or the stapler. You’ve tried every desk accessory you can think of to prop open your book to that page you need but nothing seems to work. It’s time to get the right tool for the job - a bookweight. Designed to rest atop the pages of an open book so that they don’t turn, a bookweight is exactly what you need to ensure that your pages flip and your book doesn’t snap shut. Invaluable for those of you who transcribe or write papers that require you to cite other texts. Or, if you are doing research and need to constantly look back at a particular reference page. Don’t spend time looking for the same page over and over. Just open the book to that section and plop down a bookweight.

Think of how handy a bookweight would be in the kitchen with your cookbooks. All you need to do is glance down at the recipe and not worry about soiling the pages with your food-covered hands. And, feel free to open the windows. The wind is powerless to flip your pages when you employ a bookweight. It’s easy to take with you and makes a great gift for a kindred soul in search of just the right reading tool for the job.