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Satchel Handbags

Our collection of briefcases and totes are an ideal way to organize with style. Shop for men's briefcases, women's totes and more. Whether you need to transport your laptop or just a few files, you'll find what you're looking for here.

About Satchel Handbags

Those small intricately beaded under the arm handbags look fantastic on the red carpet, but in the real world, we need to tote more than a tube of lipstick. In the real world, we need both hands free. Who are we kidding? In the real world, what we really need is four hands. Since that isn’t a current option, we offer, instead, a selection of satchel handbags that work almost as well as an extra set of hands. You will be amazed at how much gear you can lug in a satchel handbag from Levenger. These are no dainty wallflowers. These are tough and strong and meant to be used satchel handbags.

Never fussy, but with an air of classic sophistication like a show horse, a satchel handbag epitomizes form and function. Toss in everything you need for the day-your wallet and phone, your cosmetics, your date book and your music. Heck, there’s even room for some work files if you are so inclined. With discerning good looks, your satchel handbag will say to the world that you are ready for anything. In styles that look as great as they work and suitable for work and play, you’ll feel as though you have two more hands to hold all the gear to get you through your day.