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Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, Levenger offers innovative systems for organized excursions. Our growing selection of travel bags includes durable and thoughtfully designed suitcases  from renowned luggage specialists Briggs & Riley, Hook & Albert and other top-notch brands, rollaboard luggage, garment bags, rolling briefcases, wheeled suitcases for both domestic and international travel, and even a TSA-friendly laptop bag. Many of our luggage pieces are ideal as carry-ons, too, fitting neatly into the overhead compartment. Bon voyage!

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Bomber Jacket Traveler Brief

Item: AL14410

Price: $449.00

Blaze Convertible Tote

Item: AL14805

Price: $188.00

Convertible Canvas Tote-to-Bin

Item: AM3155

Price: $89.00

Hobo Revel Mini Backpack

Item: AL15150

Price: $218.00

Vocier F35 Leather Carry-On Garment Bag

Item: AL15195

Price: $895.00

Vocier F38 Leather Carry-On Trolley

Item: AL15200

Price: $1195.00

Knomo Sedley Nylon Wheeled Travel Tote

Item: AM3100

Price: $349.00

Hook & Albert Twill Garment Weekender

Item: AM3105

Price: $395.00

C38 by Vocier
Vocier C38 Nylon Carry-On Trolley

Item: AM2730

Price: $595.00

Levenger Leather Rolling Brief

Item: AL14425

Price: $429.00

Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag - Merlot
Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag

Item: AM2875

Price: $299.00

Transcend Large Expandable Spinner - Merlot
Transcend Large Expandable Spinner

Item: AM2865

Price: $529.00

Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner - Burgundy
Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner

Item: AM2895

Price: $519.20-$649.00

Hobo Cabot Tote

Item: AL14645

Price: $328.00

Oasis Tote

Item: AM3260

Price: $99.00

Stripped Boat Weekender

Item: AM3130

Price: $89.00

Solid Canvas Boat Weekender

Item: AM3135

Price: $79.00

Large Canvas Shopping Tote

Item: AM3140

Price: $45.00

Hook & Albert Twill Dopp Kit

Item: AM3115

Price: $115.00

Knomo Foster Brief

Item: AL14715

Price: $199.00

Hobo Triad Pouches (set of 3)

Item: AL14635

Price: $138.00

Knomo Harpsden Laptop Backpack

Item: AM3085

Price: $99.00

Knomo Rupert Messenger Bag

Item: AM3090

Price: $99.00

Knomo Cromwell Backpack

Item: AM3080

Price: $99.00

Hook & Albert Leather Garment Weekender

Item: AL14730

Price: $585.00

Hook & Albert Leather Dopp Kit

Item: AL14735

Price: $145.00

Hook & Albert Structured Briefcase

Item: AL14740

Price: $325.00

Hook & Albert Canvas Casual Briefcase

Item: AM3110

Price: $265.00

Hook & Albert Canvas Backpack

Item: AM3120

Price: $265.00

Austin Backpack

Item: AL14675

Price: $285.00

Baseline Suiter Duffel

Item: AM3020

Price: $299.00

Sale Badge
@work Medium Slim Brief - Black
@work Medium Slim Brief

Item: AM2810

Price: $239.00 Now $191.20

Knomo Amesbury Double Zip Brief

Item: AL14695

Price: $399.00

Knomo Bungo Expandable Messenger

Item: AL14705

Price: $349.00

Tusting Hemington Nubuck Holdall

Item: AL14615

Price: $625.00

Transcend Tote - Merlot
Transcend Tote

Item: AM2885

Price: $149.00

VinGarde Grande
VinGarde Grande

Item: AM2980

Price: $299.00

VinGarde Petite
VinGarde Petite

Item: AM2985

Price: $249.00

Transcend Cargo Backpack - Merlot
Transcend Cargo Backpack

Item: AM2860

Price: $199.00

Nancy Backpack - Caramel
Nancy Backpack

Item: AL14100

Price: $209.00

Sale Badge
Nancy Shoulder Bag - Caramel
Nancy Shoulder Bag

Item: AL14260

Price: $165.00 Now $99.00

Nancy Convertible Clutch - Caramel
Nancy Convertible Clutch

Item: AL14095

Price: $165.00

Kinzie Street Small Wide-Mouth Backpack - Gray
Kinzie Street Small Wide-Mouth Backpack

Item: AM2855

Price: $229.00

Kinzie Street Large Backpack - Gray
Kinzie Street Large Backpack

Item: AM2850

Price: $279.00

Transcend Medium Expandable Spinner - Merlot
Transcend Medium Expandable Spinner

Item: AM2870

Price: $479.00

Transcend Tall Carry-On Expandable Spinner - Slate
Transcend Tall Carry-On Expandable Spinner

Item: AM2880

Price: $429.00

Transcend Tote - Rainforest
Transcend Wide Carry-On Expandable Spinner

Item: AM2890

Price: $429.00

Sympatico Medium Expandable Spinner - Burgundy
Sympatico Medium Expandable Spinner

Item: AM2900

Price: $479.20-$599.00

Sympatico U-Zip Backpack - Onyx
Sympatico U-Zip Backpack

Item: AM2905

Price: $189.00

Sympatico Carry-On Luggage Cover
Sympatico Carry-On Luggage Cover

Item: AM2910

Price: $39.00

Sympatico Medium Luggage Cover
Sympatico Medium Luggage Cover

Item: AM2915

Price: $45.00

Sympatico Large Luggage Cover
Sympatico Large Luggage Cover

Item: AM2920

Price: $49.00

Baseline Classic Garment Cover - Black
Baseline Classic Garment Cover

Item: AM2825

Price: $185.00

Baseline Large Expandable Spinner - Black
Baseline Large Expandable Spinner

Item: AM2835

Price: $649.00

Baseline Medium Expandable Spinner - Black
Baseline Medium Expandable Spinner

Item: AM2840

Price: $599.00

Baseline Wardrobe Spinner  - Black
Baseline Wardrobe Spinner

Item: AM2845

Price: $749.00

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@work Large Clamshell Backpack - Black
@work Large Clamshell Backpack

Item: AM2820

Price: $299.00 Now $239.20

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@Work Expandable Brief - Black
@work Expandable Brief

Item: AM2815

Price: $319.00 Now $255.20

Excitor Backpack on Wheels
Excitor Backpack on Wheels

Item: AM2780

Price: $169.00

Explicit Three-in-One Bag
Explicit Three-in-One Bag

Item: AM2790

Price: $149.00

Tusting Explorer
Tusting Explorer

Item: AL0390

Price: $625.00-$725.00

Sympatico Travel Tote - Onyx
Sympatico Travel Tote

Item: AM2725

Price: $199.00

Sympatico International Expandable Carry-On Spinner - Onyx
Sympatico International Expandable Carry-On Spinner

Item: AM2720

Price: $423.20-$529.00

Briggs & Riley Compact Garment Bag
Baseline Compact Garment Bag

Item: AM2605

Price: $359.00

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Briggs & Riley Expandable Rolling Brief
@work Large Expandable Rolling Brief

Item: AM2640

Price: $479.00 Now $383.20

Briggs & Riley Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag
Baseline Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag

Item: AM2610

Price: $549.00

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Briggs & Riley Slim Rolling Brief
@work Slim Rolling Brief

Item: AM2635

Price: $389.00 Now $311.20

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Varsity Duffel
Varsity Duffel

Item: AM2580

Price: $299.00 Now $139.00

Kinzie Street Cabin Bag

Item: AM2650

Price: $249.00

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Kinzie Street Horizontal Tote

Item: AM2655

Price: $229.00 Now $183.20

Kinzie Street Medium Backpack

Item: AM2665

Price: $249.00

Kinzie Street Micro Messenger

Item: AM2670

Price: $229.00

Sale Badge
Kinzie Street Simple Duffel

Item: AM2675

Price: $249.00 Now $199.20

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