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There are fewer things worse than running out of something that you need – unless there’s a dependable way to restore it! Levenger is your one-stop-shop for mobilizing the ultimate Circa fix, plus custom paper formats. Refill your Circa planner or agenda with any of our smartPlanner Apps. Keep a running list of important ideas or tasks with the popular Things To Do format. Discover our vast collection of unique paper formats, among them including Engineer Grid, Bookography, Storyboard, Shopping List, Multitask Organizer, plus many more. Our refills are made of substantial, high-quality paper that can handle most ink.

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300 Circa Annotation Ruled  Refill Sheets
300 Circa® Annotation Ruled Refill Sheets

Item: ADS5910

Price: $36.00-$42.00

300 Circa Full-Page Ruled Refill Sheets
300 Circa® Full-Page Ruled Refill Sheets

Item: ADS5920

Price: $36.00-$42.00

Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill
Circa® Daily Agenda Refill

Item: SPR615

Price: $15.00-$92.00

Circa Weekly Agenda Refill Sunday Start 2016
Circa® Sunday Start Agenda Refill

Item: ADS8775

Price: $29.00-$34.00

Circa A4 Weekly Vertical Agenda Refill 2017
Circa® A4 Weekly Vertical Agenda Refill

Item: SPR1075

Price: $35.00

Circa A4 2 Year Montly Agenda Refill, 2017-2018
Circa® A4 2 Year Monthly Agenda Refill

Item: SPR1080

Price: $29.00

Circa Weekly Vert Agenda Refill Sun Start 2016
2018 Circa® Sunday Start Agenda Refill, Vertical

Item: ADS8765

Price: $29.00-$34.00

Special Request Circa Daily Goals (100 sheets)
Special Request Circa® Daily Goals (100 sheets)

Item: SPR1115

Price: $22.00-$25.00

Circa SmartPlanner To Do
Circa® smartPlanner To Do, Letter

Item: ADS8575

Price: $10.00

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Circa SmartPlanner Keep and Share
Circa® smartPlanner Keep & Share, Letter

Item: ADS8585

Price: $10.00 Now $4.95

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Circa SmartPlanner Take With Lists
Circa® smartPlanner Take-With Lists, Letter

Item: ADS8595

Price: $10.00 Now $4.95

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Circa SmartPlanner Doodler
Circa® smartPlanner Doodler, Letter

Item: ADS8605

Price: $10.00 Now $4.95

Circa SmartPlanner Meeting Notes
Circa® smartPlanner Meeting Notes, Letter

Item: ADS8615

Price: $10.00

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Circa SmartPlanner Ideation Station
Circa® smartPlanner Ideation Station, Letter

Item: ADS8625

Price: $10.00 Now $4.95

Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK, Letter
Circa® smartPlanner LTG 7-APP PACK

Item: ADS8710

Price: $38.00-$48.00

Circa Smart Tab
Circa® smartTabs

Item: ADS8260

Price: $12.00

Circa Smart Planner
Circa® smartPlanner Annotation Tabs

Item: ADS8265

Price: $12.00

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Circa smartPlanner Keep and Share (Set of 2)
Circa® smartPlanner Keep and Share, Junior

Item: ADS8230

Price: $8.00 Now $4.95

Circa To To
Circa® smartPlanner To Do, Junior

Item: ADS8225

Price: $8.00

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Circa smartPlanner Ideation Station (Set of 2)
Circa® smartPlanner Ideation Station, Junior

Item: ADS8255

Price: $8.00 Now $4.95

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Circa smartPlanner Doodler (Set of 2)
Circa® smartPlanner Doodler, Junior

Item: ADS8240

Price: $8.00 Now $4.95

100 Circa Things To Do Refills
100 Circa® Things To Do Refills

Item: ADS5935

Price: $15.00-$18.00

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Levenger is known for its substantial, high-quality paper and attention to contemporary demands – shop our collection of Circa refills, thoughtfully tailored to keep working professionals, students or artists organized and productive. Browse the smartPlanner “apps” – you can purchase favorite formats individually or all of them in one pack. Refills are available in compact, junior and letter sizes.