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Signed Edition, The Accidental Creative

ITEM: RB1520
Help! You need a creativity fix to figure out your next great idea
“If you want to deliver the right idea at the right moment, you must begin the process far upstream from when you need that idea,” entrepreneur Todd Henry tells us in his book The Accidental Creative. He then shows us how to make a habit out of focusing our creative energy -- something all of us can harness, no matter what our work.
Knowing when to work alone and when not to, establishing a creative rhythm that recognizes long-term goals -- these are just two of the practices Todd details. Creativity, like music, has a rhythm, Todd tells us (he’s worked both in the music field and as a creative director). The Accidental Creative is filled with inspiring notes on how we can be consistently original and fresh in our thinking.
  • Signed edition
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • 6W x 9H
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