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Bronze Reading Bear Pen Stand

ITEM: AD6880
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An intelligent cub to bear your pen
Here’s a pen holder with personality. Our reading bear knows no one will steal your pen in his natural habitat, the middle of the forest, next to his favorite hollow he can enjoy reading while being ready to growl if necessary. (But who would believe a growl from that cute face, really?)
Lost wax, paradise found
The artist first creates a model in clay which is covered with silicone rubber to create a negative 3-D image. The hollow silicone is filled with liquid wax, then carefully bathed in ceramic. Molten metal is poured inside, dissolving the wax. After the metal cools, the mold is broken away to reveal the beauty beneath.
  • Brass with a bronze finish
  • Made using the time-honored lost-wax process for optimal detail
  • Soft protective bottom guards your desktop from scratches
  • Approximately 3 1/2W x 3D x 3 3/4H; 1 pound
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