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True Writer® Silver Anniversary Ballpoint

True Writer® Silver Anniversary Ballpoint

ITEM: AP9958
$79.00 Now $49.95 Save 37%
Created to commemorate the silver anniversary of Levenger, this True Writer ballpoint pen is a study in metallic radiance, with the trademark design, weight and balance that have kept True Writer a much-loved writing brand. Since we introduced our first True Writer in the late 1990s, this Levenger pen has been a favorite among our customers. Echoes of the old Esterbrook that helped to inspire it are in its genes, but what really makes the True Writer such a wonderful pen is that it transforms a fine writing instrument into an everyday tool. As nice as a True Writer pen is for marking special occasions, this pen is also great for taking notes, making edits and writing letters. Steve Leveen, the co-founder of Levenger, does all three with his various True Writer pens and modes. Why be disposable when you can be sustainable for such a reasonable price? This is a ballpoint pen you may well enjoy using for the next 25 years.
  • Crafted in solid brass with a gleaming gunmetal finish, etched with an elegant undulating pattern
  • Contrasting chrome appointments
  • Deploys with a twist
  • 5 1/4L x 1/2 diameter; 1.2 oz
  • We offer ballpoint refills
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