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Bomber Jacket Work and Play iPad Folio
Bomber Jacket Work and Play iPad Folio
Bomber Jacket Work and Play iPad Folio
Bomber Jacket Work and Play iPad Folio
Bomber Jacket Work and Play iPad Folio

Bomber Jacket Work & Play iPad® Folio

ITEM: AL12415
$149.00 Now $59.95 Save 60%
Icon meets icon: Pair your iPad with our Bomber Jacket leather
Those iconic leather jackets of WWII fighter pilots are the inspiration for this Bomber Jacket leather iPad folio—leather that’s rich, full-grain and textured, with a hint of daredevil. Lined in soft pigskin, this folio puts your iPad and our notepad side by side, giving you the power of two technologies—digital and heritage. And this folio works for every way you use your iPad. Perhaps you want to angle your iPad to watch a film or read an eBook. Or hold it to take a photo. And have it with your notepad at a meeting. For every which way you use your iPad, it’s a perfect fit in our Work & Play folio. With this iPad folio, you can use your iPad for all these purposes while you keep it protected. Plus, you can leverage the power of your iPad by pairing it with the high-quality Levenger notepad that comes as part of your folio.
View at a comfortable angle
Your iPad is safely, softly cradled in a magnetically secured leather holder. When you want to angle your iPad for viewing, simply open the folio, pull the cover up and over, and it will sit at a comfortable angle for reading or viewing. You can also set the cover at the optimum angle for typing.
Film with your iPad protected
If you want to take a photo or shoot a video, just remove the magnetic iPad holder from the folio and aim away.
Work more productively, with this note-taking tool
At meetings, for research, when planning or just plain pondering, marry your iPad with the Levenger notepad we provide. Why take advantage of just one technology when you can leverage the power of two? When the social power of the iPad meets the contemplative power of good paper, you have the best of both.
Use easily with either your right hand or left
Your Work & Play Folio is also a Levenger ambi folio—ambi as in ambidextrous. It means you can insert the Levenger notepad from either end of the folio, so it works whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. You can also rotate the magnetic iPad holder for right or left hand usage.
Free notepad with your folio
When you purchase the Work & Play iPad Folio, the Levenger notepad is part of the deal. The 50 sheets are made of high-quality, 90-gsm paper. We want you to have paper that’s worthy of your iPad.
  • Sized to perfectly fit the iPad 2, 3 or 4
  • Adjusts to two angles for viewing/reading and typing
  • The holder's snug fit helps keep all cutouts aligned
  • Elastic strap keeps the folio securely closed and your iPad protected when not in use
  • Inside loop holds a pen or stylus — we recommend the L-Tech, which is both pen and stylus 
  • Convenient slots to hold 7 business cards, credit cards or Levenger Wallet Cards
  • Levenger junior notepad included, and refills readily available
  • Pebbled, full-grain mocha leather cover, lined in pigskin
  • 8 1/4W x 1 1/4D x 9 3/4H, 1.2 pounds
  • iPad holder: 7 3/4W x 1/2D x 9 3/4H
Optimize your iPad experience with a Work & Play iPad Folio
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